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The Wrath of Nature
The Wrath of Nature

The Wrath of Nature


The idea of trees exhaling oxygen and inhaling carbon dioxide, and vice versa for humans, for survival is not the only way our lives are connected. Back in Fred’s time, life was simple: protect, help, provide and appreciate. The strong trees would tower in the sky like stone castles and its’ branches would dance in the wind like the babies of cupid. The colors were so intense and illuminating that, often times, Fred and his family would sink in the soft grass and watch the sky for hours. There was no disease and no madness. Nature was alive and nourished. Humans lived off of the land and worked for everything they had; nothing was artificial and everything was natural. There was no electricity with harmful microwaves to hurt the Earth; there were no heavy machinery that ripped trees from their core in forests; there were no non-biodegradables. Fred’s priorities were carved on a stone plate in his heart. Everything he used from the Earth was systematic and had a purpose that was fully served. The relationship between human and nature is a mutualistic one; if one part of this relationship is to fail, it becomes parasitic.

Rex lives in a world that’s controlled by the media and dominated by lies. The kind of people that would rather spend thousands of dollars on their looks than be themselves live here; the kind of people that would rather watch someone suffer than help them live here; the kind of people that would rather get an abortion than raise a child with a disability live here. Rex lives in a world where no one takes responsibility for their actions and no one helps each other out- yet no one is independent. They rely on their daily horoscope to tell them how to spend their day and the monthly magazine to tell them what to wear. They don’t know how, or refuse, to be themselves, and because of this, life is never enough for them. Their priorities are fluctuated and dependent upon what others tell them it should be. They abuse themselves and their surroundings.

The trees droop; the grass has become dry and a grayish yellow. Nature has been abandoned and forgotten. Rex cleans his car every morning by throwing his garbage out the window while on the highway. The people that live in Rex’s world rip the roots out of the ground and fill them with chemicals and toxins that no amount of rain could cleanse. Without the aid of humans, nature can’t live. But now, humans take things from nature and give nothing back in return- leaving nature dry, damaged, and hurt. Nature has become confused and unpredictable because we’ve betrayed her. She’s become fed up and angry. That’s why she screams her wrath on us during those relentless thunderstorms and why she unleashes oceans into our cities. She has become parallel to our destructive nature, and we led her here. We have driven mad the very relationship that is essential for both of our survival.

Humans have begun to believe that they are the ultimate force in this world and that they are self-sufficient; they don’t need Earth- they could go live on Mars if they wanted to. They’ve failed to realize how everything we have is from nature and how healing nature is. Because of this, nature has turned rotten. The forests that were once bouncing with life now have an overwhelming spill of darkness, where the trees are diseased and only the darkest of creatures linger. The ground refuses to produce anything and has completely turned it’s back on us, as we have been doing to her for a long time.

She pronounces her rage through an epidemic of vicious tornadoes that tear through all the cities at once. She races and spins in madness, destroying everything in her path. One by one, she picks apart each human parasite and flings them into the air like a cat does to their toy. Her black tunnel of fury completely eradicates everything to pieces, and when she’s done, there is nothing left. There are no humans. There are no animals. There is no nature. Humans destroyed nature, and in doing so, destroyed themselves. So I ask you: is it worth it? Is not standing up for what’s right worth it? Among those parasites were, at one point, many great leaders whose heart was set on turning the world around. Unfortunately, they, too, conformed to the trend of the sheep, and allowed humans to turn rotten, and with us, nature.

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About This Story
10 Nov, 2016
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3 mins
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