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The Wrist Watch
The Wrist Watch

The Wrist Watch


The wrist watch.

I opened my eye lids in my sunlit, rather small wooden floored room. I woke with my phone alarm, and looked for my watch like every morning; couldn´t find my watch. Every day I put on my wrist watch right away. I looked under the bed, the pillow, on the clothing shelve, in my messy bed table drawer, and nothing. Nothing at all!

I put on my robe and ran to the small, square bathroom. The shower was an archaic cubicle with a phone shower that didn’t go neither hot nor cold. I ran back in my robe to my room like a prostitute, shut the door and got dressed. Breakfast awaited for me in the middle price pension dinning table y lived in.

The landlord, a tall pale white haired neurotic man, fixed me up breakfast. He made events like weddings and expensive birthdays. Mostly gay events. These were all night, yet he never invited me to any of them. He didn’t have to hide from me the fact he was a homosexual, I had guessed it because of his peculiar jests.

He was obsessed about cleaning the house, sometimes he got into my room to clean up the most remote mess I could make, but nothing ever disappeared, in the 5 years I lived there, that’s why I didn’t think he had the watch.

-Bob, he asked, do you want to watch TV with me, they are showing gladiator?.

-No thanks Justin, I answered back.

-Justin have you seen my silver watch, the one I wear every day?. No I haven’t. Can´t find it? Nop.

-i have that Lasagna you enjoy so. Exclaimed Justin.

I didn’t know why I began to get the flashed fixation that Justin had the watch. No one else lived there and I didn’t think of the people he worked with could have it. Yeap, definitely I thought it was him.

I felt like I couldn’t function and seize the days without it. I could hardly leave the house and if I did I thought something terrible would happen. I did my endeavors, which consists mostly selling cars with a colleague that fixed them. Without my watch I had no chance of selling anything, everything went wrong!

I started going neurotic, asking myself why in hell the people in street looked at me. Did I look desperate, what are you looking at you puff?. I sat down in a park bench thinking what to do, how to know the right time, I lost control of time and of myself without it.

It went a week in this misfortune when one time he got home and in my room, at the back of the shelve laid my watch intact. I was so happy but suspicious of something that couldn’t be proven. In two weeks I left, moved to another pension not ever forgiving what had happened, which I knew by a fact.

Author Notes: I just hope my father likes it.

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9 Jan, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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