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The wrong path He took.

The wrong path He took.

By magnaboy01

As soon as the bell rings, im gonna go get my girl, thats what i told myself.
*bell rings*

Boy: Im so ready oh yeah....

Boy: Yes, Lunch, she is here ^_^ *saw her walk pass by* Hi (:
Girl: Hello there.
Boy: Hows it going?
Girl: Nothing much,
Boy: U getting lunch?
Girl: yeh i guess so?
Boy: Ohh thats nice ^_^
Girl: yeh.

The boy was shy, didnt know what to do. He continues looking at the girl, the one he wishes he had, He wished he was like him, the guy beside the girl, the one who can make her laugh, make her smile, and make her feel special. But im not like that, i am different at all, i am wierd, yet funny, but not that cool, but awesome...I wish i was him...He was walking at the hallway with his friends with him, acting all tough, and being assholes...the girl saw him, and ignored him because he wasnt acting himself, then he noticed the girl had a boyfriend.....the boy realized...

Boy: Hello.
Girl: Hey.
Boy: so i heard u have a boyfriend.?
Girl: Yeh. (:
Boy: U happy with him?
Girl: Hell yeah..
Boy: Ah thats good....(Heart brokened)
Girl: Well i got to go.
Boy: Okay bye...

The boy walked away with tears falling down on his eyes, didnt know what to do, but a big fight broke out outside the school with his friends...he rushed to the rescue with them, it became a group fight, then someone from the enemy pulled a gun, and started shooting everyone......all of them survived.....except the boy...While the boy was breathing and can still talk beside his bestfriend...he whispered his bestfriend saying.......Tell the girl, I love her, and that, I have something for her......The boy pulled out a a locker.....he handed the key and the locker number....the boy died several minutes later, last thing he said, Take care of her.......

His bestfriend rushed to the locker, he opened it.....and he called...the girl the boy likes......he let her see it.....the locker was decorated with a picture of the girl, with poems, with flowers, with the feelings he has for her.....the girl broke down crying, why did i let him slip away, as the boy's bestfriend told the girl......he told her....that he loved her....from the moment she looked into his eyes......

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About This Story
3 Feb, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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