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The Yellow Bike

The Yellow Bike

By Charliexcx

That's it I've had enough. I cannot take her whittling anymore. You cannot possibly help me because you don't know me, or do you? I'm Shailene, a petit little girl living on the edge of life. It was honours day yesterday and I was the last person out of the hall. I left at 8:07pm. Unusually, after leaving later I noticed a small yellow bike on the corner leaning on the lamppost. "That's odd, I thought." Never before have I seen that. A bike on it's own was out of the ordinary, so a yellow bike was unquestionable. I had a sudden urge to steal it. One quick spin and it'll be back, as good as new, like it was never gone. In excitement, I started working out how long it would take me to ride it. Up the hill, around the corner, behind the school hall and back. It was utterly ludicrous of me - but it wasn't impossible.

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17 Dec, 2014
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