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The Youngman

The Youngman


I sat under a shadowed tree, with an open book in my lap. I looked up, and there was a younman sitting on a bench looking my way. He saw me looking and gave me a smile. I couldn't help but blush, his a handsome man, maybe seventeen or two years older than me. He has long black hair, that fell to his shoulder, some strands were loose on his forehead. I can tell he has a well build body behind what it looks like expensive cloth. I looked down my book and within minutes i see a shadow. I looked up.
"What is a young lass doing out here by herself." The youngman said.
"Well reading a book, ofcourse." I said.
"A nice day you chose to read in the outside."
"Ah, indeed."
I looked into his eyes that are light green like the leaves from the tree above me. Eyes that i felt myself drowning in. We locked eyes for some seconds until I look down my book.
"What book are ye reading?" He asked sitting next to me. He was to close, i could feel his breath warming my cheek.
"Sorry but who might you be?" I asked.
"Gabriel Knight at your service, and who might you be?"
"Elizabeth Rosemare."
"Is a pleasure to meet you Miss Rosemare." He said looking straight at my hazel eyes while he took my hand, and pressed it to his lips. His soft lips agains my gentle skin.
"Indeed it is Mr. Kight." I said and gently pulled away from his grasp.
"Now lass, i would love to know what book are ye reading." He said.
"Oh, right, well is a romance book and I'm not sure that's your kind of book Mr. kinght. Is called 'He'll come', familiar with it?" I asked.
"Oh, yes, yes. That's one of my favorite books, oh and i feel a sadness knowing that she'll never find him again. Oh such a broken heart Miss Charlote had for losing her poor James."
"You do know it! And here i thought a mere man won't love this books, how facinating. You're really interesting Mr. knight, Oh indeed you are." I said smiling with joy.
At this village no man had ever loved a romance book, they either work with their aquaintance or read about the revolution or anything that contains no romance.
" Well Miss Rosemare, not all men are equal if i do believe so, but i like the surprise on your charming voice. I'm a man of different tastes you know." He gavetastes me one of those smiles that melts a ladies heart.
" I'm afraid i have to go Mr. knight, but we'll see each other again won't we?" I asked pleased that my voice was strong and calm.
"Indeed we will," he took my hand once more and kissed it. "Until we meet again Miss Rosemare." And with that he was gone.
I've never seeing such a beautiful man in my life. Oh blast! I forgot to ask him what his doing around this area. It doesn't look like he lives around here
"But we'll see each other again Mr. knight." I said to myself,.and retrieve away with questions unanswered

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About This Story
26 Nov, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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