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The Zombie Apocolypse

The Zombie Apocolypse

By 21connollyap - 1 Review

One regular day at school Aidan and Victor listened to their teacher, Mr.Toff droned on about the big bang when suddenly! Nothing happened, but no something did happen, Harold the ape-boy coughed something up!!!  What an adventure, for the janitor that is!  Finally, the bell rang, you know what that means!  STAMPEDE!!!!!  Aidan and victor ran through the hall, they were almost out when the alarm started blaring “WARNIG HAZORDUS MATERIAL EVACUATE IMEDIATELY!”  Uh-oh there goes Harold’s barf.  I feel sorry for the janitor.  We go outside to play football, victor says “maybe the barf turned someone into a zombie”, “Maybe” I said.  I was deep in my own thoughts.  I was thinking about how I would react to a zombie apocalypse.  I would not just let the the zombies get me.  Where would I go, what would I do?  Victor through the football at me but I did not see it coming… I woke up to victor slapping me in the face.  “Come on man you gotta wake up, you’ve been sleeping for like twenty minutes now.”  “You make it sound like there is some kind of zombie attack going on or something!” That’s half because there is but moving ”, WHAT!!!!!!!, I yelled.  “Why didn’t you tell me!!!?” “Okay man chill out I was just kidding.”  “I only said that because there are these zombie looking guys walking around the playground.”  “Now I am getting mad at you!” I said.  “Where are we again?” I said.  “Hiding behind shrubs infront of the school.”  “Well we go to run away from these zombie dudes I said.  Let’s hide in the hideout we made last year.” “Oh yeah, that’s where I put my paintball gun because I’ve been looking for it lately” I said.  “Well let’s go!” I said.  We ducked under a few branches and made a brake for it.  We run across the schoolyard.  A few zombies see us and start running after us but they are no match for us. “I wonder what caused the zombie apocalypse”  “Probably Harold’s barf”, I said.  “Man your right!” Victor said.  “I don’t know but I was just guessing.”  We are finally at the fort I said.  Let’s get the fort prepared for battle I said. We got out the paintball guns and extra ammo.  I am going to make mustache on Mr.Toffs face out of paint, said Victor.   “Doesn’t he already have one?” I said. “Yeah” said victor “it’s all furry.”  “I am hungry, you got anything to eat?” “No but we can go to McDonalds” “No, are you dumb it’s probably infested by zombies!” “PROBABLY”, victor mumbles sarcastically. “Awwww I was going to get the McDouble” said Victor.  “With a side of lose your brain frys!” I said. “Your Mom is still at work, so let’s go to your house to eat something.” Exclaimed Victor. “My mom hasn’t gone to store in a while so the only thing to eat at my house is moldy dog treats and a half eaten burger with pickles and ranch from Burger King.”  “Sounds reeeaallyy good” Victor said sarcastically.  We heard a low moaning noise outside the fort. “Oh nooo” Victor said breathlessly.  “What is it?” I whispered back.  “The zombies” he hissed to me.  “You loaded the paintball guns right”, Victor asked.  “Yep, loaded and ready,” I answered.  “Let’s wait until they get to the door so we can get them by surprise.” I whispered. "Good idea” Victor whispered back.  Once the zombies got close, we started firing at them. “Wait a sec, nothing’s happening!!!”exclaimed Victor.  The zombies busted through the door and started charging at the surprised Victor and Aidan.  Suddenly there was a pwing, pwing,pwing sound and a few zombies went down. “Hey the guns are working again!!!” yelled victor over the commotion.  The zombies were falling over covered in paint and confused. Once most of the zombies were shot down, I believed there was a chance for victory.  “Aidan and victor I do not believe that was part of the assignment for social studies.” Slobbered Mr.Toff who had just jumped on Me and Victor from behind. “AAAAAAAA” I Screamed , “Pff, Pff ,Pff”……. And Mr.Toff was down.  “What the heck?” I said, “What was that?” “I don’t know” said Victor, “But it sounded like another paintball gun!”  “It couldn’t of been”, I said.

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25 Apr, 2014
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