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Their Breath

Their Breath

By luvbub_xox - 1 Review

April 29th 2010,

It was early morning, and i was at my cousins house up in Kapunda, when my phone rang. It was mum, telling me that she'll be here within the hour. i said goodbye and hung up the phone. My cousin was smiling to herself, when she pulled out my camera from beneath the bed. "Are you gonna forget this again?" she asked me. I couldn't believe it! She still had my camera from the last time i was up here. i grabbed it off her and smiled. "PHOTOS!" i screamed. We both laughed and started taking random photo's of eachother. When we had, had enough, we both sat down and checked them out.
We both flicked through them when suddely one stood out the most. there was a picture that i had taken of when my cousin ahd opened the door and there was something behind her. i studdied it. It looked at if someone was standing behind her, that was white and foggy. She shook her and and gave me a strange expression.
"Its him" she told me. I looked at her in confusion. "you dont know the story do you?" she asked, i shook my head. "Well it doesnt matter" she forced a smile onto her face.

A few hours later mum called and said that i'd have to stay another night, as she had work to do. Kay ws busy helping her mum getting tea started and left me in her bedroom. I picked up my camera and started to voice record myself singing. "Stephanie, tea's ready" i heard my auntie call out from there kitchen. "Coming" i answered her and placed doen my camera, accidently leving it on voice record.
Half an hour later me and Kay walk back into her room. "hey Steph, where's the camera?" she asked. "Uh i left it right over he...." my voice trailed off, relizing that the camera was gone. We stood there looking at eachother in fear. "Well, where is it?" Kay asked me again. i shrugged my sholders. Suddenly there was a BANG. Kay screamed. I ran out of her room and down the hall. i was scared. What was that? i asked myself. Kay came out of her room and faced the cuboards. "Did you check in here?" she asked. "Uh no, but you can if you want" she nodded her head and opened up the cuboard. My camera fell out. i laughed and ran up to her. Kay pressed PLAY on my camera. I was singing. Kay laughed but then stopped when she heard me put the camera down and run off. It was quiet for a second, but then with no waring, there were footsteps. Then heavy breathing. Then a sound of something being moved and placed inside the cuboard. "Oh my god" Kay gasped. "That was him" i looked at her i fear. "Can i asked you something?" i asked my cousin. She nodded."How did you know where my camera was?" Kay laughed then answered. "Because he told me".

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4 Jun, 2010
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