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There Is a Hero Who Becomes a Villain Because of You
There Is a Hero Who Becomes a Villain Because of You

There Is a Hero Who Becomes a Villain Because of You


I entered the room. The enemies I had fought lay dead across the entry hall, as did most of my fellows who had arrived with me to face the Night Witch. It had taken nearly ten years of campaigns, tragedy, victory, and hardships to beat them back, but with Eon at our head, especially in the past three years, we had prevailed. It was in here though that the final battle had been fought. Eon had snuck ahead into the Witches rooms, to face him, one last time.

When I reached him the whole room was torn apart. Slashes of large creatures were on the stone walls, fires burned strange colors on furniture, and bools of blood, mucus, and acid lay in misshapen puddles. Then I saw him, Eon, my last friend from the good old days who lived. He knelt in the center of a black crater, it seemed shadow was fused to everything around him. "Did we win?" I asked, I stumbled from the loss of blood.

Eon looked at me and smiled "do you remember what you said before the day of the fire ten years ago?" I froze, I did and had hoped many a time he had forgotten. "You said, if I had all that power, I would make the world a good place" Since then I had seen the destruction and tragedy caused by mortals with good intensions. "Ive thought about it. I saw it at Cane city, the battle of the red hills, in the Deaths of Jez, Corin, Sachin, and the others. There could be no more suffering if I had the power."

I tried to cry out, but fell over from blood loss, he had more and more distant these last few months, he knew where I stood on this. "Thank you my friend. I loved you like a brother, but there is still work to be done." With that he stood and walked to the door, he left me on the floor in my own blood, the world became darker, and as consciousness faded I began to see him glow with dark magic.

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21 Apr, 2022
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