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There Is Nothing Else Like Your Love

There Is Nothing Else Like Your Love

By Roosie131

Sadie and Josie were sitting together at lunch-like usual.
"So, have you asked Danny to the dance yet?" Josie asked Sadie.
"No! I'd be embarrassed out of my mind if he said no. Anyways, it's a guys ask girls," Sadie disagreed.
"Oh, come on!" Josie fought.
"I would if it wasn't a guys ask girls," Sadie said glumly.
"Then give him a hint."
"Fine." Sadie got up and walked over to Danny's table. There he sat with all of the other cool guys. Sadie sighted. 'What if he doesn't ask me?' she thought.
"Uh, what is she doing here?" Reggie Andrews asked.
"Darn it," Sadie said under her breath.
"Leave, nobody needs you here!" Reggie barked.
"Hey, Reggie. She didn't do anything. Be nice," Danny ordered.
Sadie slightly smiled. 'Yes!'
"So, what do you need?" Danny asked.
"Uh, well, my friend over there-"
"Rebeka?" Danny interrupted.
"Uh, sure. Well, she was wondering if you were going to the dance with anyone?" Sadie lied. Rebeka was the meanest girl ever! Sadie almost threw up talking about being friends with her.
"Ha-ha. No, but now I know who I'm going to ask." he winked at Sadie.
Sadie giggled. "Okay."
He waved goodbye, and Sadie ran back to Josie and ducked behind her. "He said this: 'Ha-ha no, but I know who I'm going to ask.'!"
Josie squealed. "Awesome! Now you have a date, and I have...nobody."
"Josie, I was lying about the guys ask girls," Sadie admitted.
"Then why didn't you ask Danny?" Josie asked.
"Truth is I thought he'd say no." Sadie shrugged.
"Well, looks like it's too late now. Danny is heading over to Rebeka. Why is he?" Josie wondered.
Sadie told her about what happened.
"Oh my gosh!" Josie squeaked.
Josie got up and jogged to Danny. Right before he got to Rebeka's table.
"What?" Danny asked, looking over Josie's shoulder.
"There was a mistake. Rebeka was just wondering if you were going to the dance with anyone. She didn't want to go with you!" Josie said.
"Oh," Danny murmured.
"Sorry, I think someone you should ask is Sadie."
Danny peered over at Sadie. "She's pretty, and cool."
"And, Rebeka weighs 140 pounds, Sadie weighs 105," Josie pointed out.
"I'm not that worried about how much my girlfriends weigh," Danny snapped.
"I was just saying!" Josie said, all innocent like.
"How 'bout I just try asking Rebeka? Maybe she'll say yes?" Danny tried.
"Ask Sadie!" Josie urged.


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About The Author
About This Story
16 Feb, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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