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They Called Me Amazing Grace
They Called Me Amazing Grace

They Called Me Amazing Grace

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker
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From the start

It's been my heart

To be a spark

In a world so dark.

No regret, no disgrace

The struggle was no waste --

I grew from my mistakes

Thanks to this grace, His grace.

Now I'm here in this place

Near to behold His face.

What shall I bequeath?

'Twas upon these knees

Where I found relief

Via my belief.

Precious little girl,

As you face the world

May this truth unfurl --

His grace is your pearl.

I shoulda died in Mother's womb

But I escaped from certain doom

And from that point and place

My first name became Grace.

I was called amazing

But one truth they did miss --

It's only by God's grace

That I finished my race --

My heart's hope and wish?

That you understand this.

Through the lows and the highs

I learned to train my eyes

Beyond the azure skies

On my eternal prize.

There were twists and turns

But thank God I learned

To place faith in a Grace

That I could never earn.

More than once I was told

I wouldn't last to be old,

Through sickness and disease

That seemed to never cease,

But in grace I gained peace,

By faith I found release.

I've been to the brink

Where I didn't think

I would make it back alive --

But in that dark hour

I turned to His power

And so I did survive.

To live this long

I had to be strong --

But it is a strength

With biblical depth

And spiritual length --

His grace was my song.

I walked away from crashes,

Confrontations and clashes,

Emerged I from the ashes,

Alive and well tho' blasted --

By His grace I have lasted.

There was the time

On a hike and climb

When I slipped and fell --

A pool of red I bled,

Given up for dead,

But God against the odds

Again made me well.

The devil tried to kill me

But Christ the Lord healed me --

By His grace and glory

I lived to tell my story.

Still there's so very much

I don't yet understand,

But I've trudged under the touch

Of His ever-guiding hand --

Trusting in Heaven's perfect plan.

How did I make it?

Why do I still breathe?

The bearded face of Grace

Shined each time upon me.

I've been through the fire and flame

But through all and everything,

I remained faithful to His name

And so to you, dear, I proclaim:

Then, now and yet He's the same --

His holy love will never change.

All I've achieved,

Praise heaped on me,

Traced to grace and He

In Whom I've believed.

So dear one so sweet,

Let faith guide your feet.

Never ever doubt your worth,

The value of your birth,

Your destiny on Earth.

It can be a rough place --

Thankfully, there's Grace.


©️ Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
12 May, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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