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They Loved Their House but It Was a Haunted House
They Loved Their House but It Was a Haunted House

They Loved Their House but It Was a Haunted House

papin49Roberto Perez

They Loved Their House But It Was A Haunted House.

At first, everything went well in the house; It was the most pleasant place for all his family to share — It has a concrete floor, zinc ceiling, and an integrated kitchen. However, the family was not used to being that way because in the past they lived in a very simple house with a dirt floor, thatched roof, and no integrated kitchen – So they started working the usual things they were doing before as farmers, and they kept doing the same after moving that new house.

They used to move all the crops they harvested every year to their house. For instance, the unpeeled ear of corn and all kinds of groceries without removing the stalk or soil. And more than that, farmers usually work on their crops all day long, so they carry a lot of dirt to the house. Including, tin buckets which are very noisy. They used that stuff to place the harvested crops. If somebody drops It on the floor, that tin stuff became noisier – It was a mess.

As a consequence, the new house kept filled with a lot of different kinds of objects Inside of It. So, all the family was living in that house mixed up with all that stuff that indeed bothered each one who was trying to live in a normal way.

One day everything started turning scary. All seemed well, until the last person from a group, who was living in that house, decided to go to bed and blow out a kerosene light lamp which was used at that time for almost every house In the neighborhood because there was no electric light there by that time.

Immediately as the darkness has fallen over the house – a ghostly noise started to be performed, and nobody wanted to go to bed or stay the last in order not to get the turn blowing out the light – Their mother always was considered a stoic person because she never paid attention to any of those ghastly and terrifying noises.

“Since that frightening movement or noisy sound started – none of the youth could sleep well at home – I would like to have a pet at home, that way I would blame my pet for everything I could hear in the house, and I would stop suffering all that happened during the night.” said bob.

“Imagine when you don’t want to enter your house and take an old and comfortable rocking chair and sit down peacefully without a terrifying feeling!.” Said Bob – He was pretty sure that someone beyond this life was by his side…

When Bob’s family went to bed and the light went out – automatically stared at the fist and frightening noise that mostly was heard by everyone staying at home – The scary cracking of an old rocking chair was produced when a more than two hundred fifty pounds person sit on it – No matter how far that people ware from the rocking chair in the house or they could almost touch it, they could almost feel the same sensation; that someone sat down there…
“One night after the nosy movement, everybody was sleeping at home and about midnight, we heard a very scary and resounding noise that woke up everybody at home; but, nobody dared to go and check out what had happened –” Said Bob.
‘’It was like dropping a tin bucket from a height of the roof – Next day bob went to see if something was there but he only found a chair in the middle of the house.” “Nobody could sense what we felt that night, we almost die – '' said Bob. The only thing that my mother found to stop the problem was to turn all the chairs and rocking-chairs upside down.” from that moment everything reached a conclusion.
Three weeks later, his mother had a dream – It was about a dead godmother of her who had breastfed one of her sons in her absence. One day, they had a discussion and they turned enemy – And, that lady died under that condition. so, his mother told them, that was the problem – “She was retracing to solve that problem to finally rest in peace.” Said his mother.
Since that day – they are living happily in their house and praying to God that never let them receive another visitor like that.

Author Notes: God makes a difference in your life if you let to be guided by him.

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19 Feb, 2019
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