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It was a rainy night, the air was cold but crisp and there was the sound of crickets in the distance. Jean Tramer was about to go out on a date with a girl that he had cared for and loved for 7 years. He got his keys and kissed his mom on the cheek. "I'll see you when I get back home mum." His mom smiled. "Alright darling, just don't forget to say hi for me and please bring back Taco Bell on your way from your date." she said with a yawn. "Alright mum I will." Jean put his jacket and shoes on and headed out the door to his car. He felt a bit nervous but was happy at the same time.

He started his engine and drove off to his dates house while listening to Panic At The Disco. 45 minutes passed and he soon arrived at his dates house. He got out his car, took a bouquet of roses from the passenger seat and walked up to the house. Then he knocked on the door and a tall man opened the door. "Hello, Mr. Randalf. I'm here to pick up Jasmine for our date." Mr. Randalf chuckled and said "Of course. Jasmine will be down in a minute. please come in." Jean nodded and thanked him for inviting him into their home. Jasmine then came down the stairs. she was wearing a bright blue dress, black flat shoes and her hair was in a ballerina bun. "Hey" she smiled. Jean was astonished by her beauty. "Wow...your so...beautiful." he blushed a little. "Thank you. you look handsome." Jasmine giggled. "Thank you love." He said with a smile. "Shall we go?" He said while looking into her eyes. Jasmine nodded and they both headed out the door.

Jean was driving to the school dance. "So how's it going?" He said. Jasmine leaned her head against his shoulder. "It's going ...ok..." she said in a silent tone. Jean was focusing on driving and on Jasmine at the same time. "What do u mean by ok?" He asked in curiosity as Jasmine looked at him. "Well, it would have been better if u picked up the phone last night." Jasmine complained and laughed at the same time. "I'm sorry love." He laughs as well as he stops at the red light and then kissed her forehead. then out of nowhere a garbage truck runs into Jean and Jasmine.


Jean woke up with a blurry vision, blood dripped down his head while shaking from fear and pain and worried that the love of his life would be gone. he turned his head towards Jasmine and called her name. "Jasmine?! JASMINE!?" tears ran down his face as his face turned pale. Sirens were heard in the distance as a man was trying to help Jean out the ruined car. "NO! LET ME GO!!!" Jean didn't care about getting help, he only cared about Jasmine. He had a horrible feeling that she was gone, and he was right.

A couple of months later Jean went mute. He didn't speak nor interact with anyone. it was like he changed. one day during class a group of popular girls came over to cheer him up. "Hey Jean, we thought you might want some comfort. how about you come to have lunch with us, we'll pay." Jean stood up and looked at the girl straight in the eyes with a blank expression. "Fuck off." He walked away with his hands in his pockets. later that night he thought about Jasmine. why did she die at a young age? why couldn't he be the one to suffer? all these thoughts and questions ran through his head, he wished he could give his life up just to see her one more time. BANG! Jean stood up, something wasn't right. He ran downstairs and saw a figure crouching in a corner. "Mom?..." he said in a concerned tone. the figure looked at him with white glowing eyes. Jean gasped silently. what was that thing? or who was that?


As Jean was trying to figure out what or who the figure was, he felt fear but calmness at the same time. "It's ok... can u understand me?" His voice was calming but alerting. The figure then ran into his arms and tackled him with a hug. Jean was confused but hugged back. "J-jeanie..." Nobody else called him by that nickname, except Jasmine. tears ran down his face as he hugged her and didn't let go. "J-jaz- i- mis-ssed you...." he kept hugging her. as they were hugging, sirens were heard outside his home. he looked up at Jasmine. "w-what's going on?" His words were scrambled. a knock was heard at the door, Jasmine looked at Jean. "They want to experiment on me...I'm scared..." Jean thought for a moment and had an idea. "OPEN THE DOOR!!!" said a police officer. "Go to the spot now." Jean whispered silently. she followed his instructions and crawled to the stairway. there was a secret doorway just in case of an emergency. Jasmine opened a door and went under the stairs, and locked herself while hiding in the shadows. Jean went to the door and opened the door. "Hello officer, what seems to be the issue?" The officer shoved Jean and started to search around the house. "I know she's here! now where is she?!" he said in a frustrated tone. Jean went up to the officer and stared at him in the eyes. "Who?" The officer was getting impatient more and he pulled his gun out and pointed it at Jean. "WHERE IS SHE DAMMIT!!!" he loaded his gun and pulled the trigger halfway. then out of nowhere, the officers gun melted into a glowing liquid. "W-WHAT THE HELL!?" Jean kicked the officer in the stomach as the officer fell to the ground weakly.

Author Notes: UPDATED: 11-26-2019

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30 Jan, 2019
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