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By davies8896m

It was a rainy night, the air was cold but crisp and there was the sound of crickets in the distance. Jean Tramer was about to go out on a date with a girl that he had cared and loved for 7 years. He got his keys and kissed his mom on the cheek. "I'll see you when I get back home mum." His mom smiled. "Alright darling, just dont forget to say hi for me and please bring back Taco Bell on your way from your date." she said with a yawn. "Alright mum I will." Jean put his jacket and shoes on and headed out the door to his car. He felt a bit nervous but was happy at the same time. He started his engine and drove off to his dates house while listening to Panic At The Disco. 45 minutes passed and he soon arrived to his dates house. He got out his car, took a bouquet of roses from the passenger seat and walked up to the house. Then he knocked on the door and a tall man opened the door. "Hello Mr. Randalf. I'm here to pick up Jasmine for our date." Mr. Randalf chuckled and said "Of course. Jasmine will be down in a minute. please come in." Jean nodded and thanked him for inviting him into their home. Jasmine then came down the stairs. she was wearing a bright blue dress, black flat shoes and her hair was in a ballerina bun. "Hey" she smiled. Jean was astonished with her beauty. "Wow...your so...beautiful." he blushed a little. "Thank you. you look handsome." Jasmine giggled. "Thank you love." He said with a smile. "Shall we go?" He said while looking into her eyes. Jasmine nodded and they both headed out the door.

Jean was driving to the school dance. "So how's it going?" He said. Jasmine leaned her head against his shoulder. "It's going ok..." she said in a silent tone.

Author Notes: Darn, would you look at that. another story is here and golly, writing 2 stories at once is alot of fun but can be stressful at the same time so please enjoy. Thank you.

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30 Jan, 2019
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