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Think On These Things
Think On These Things

Think On These Things

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

The graceful dance of butterfly wings,
The budding romance attending Spring --

The morning melody of birds who sing,
The opportunities each new day brings --

The serene swaying of porch swings,
The relaxing splashing of gentle rain --

Wedding rings and christenings,
Harmony and love everlasting --

The daily stream of God's blessings,
Good mornings and restful evenings --

The promise of new beginnings,
The possibility of happy endings --

The divine design of Sowing and Reaping,
The spiritual principle of Giving and Receiving --

A life of excellence that's outstanding,
Filled with divine purpose and meaning --

"Wisdom is the principal thing,"
A desire to acquire understanding --

Trusting in God's perfect timing,
In His will always abiding --

Bible study and prayer meeting,
Sunday fellowship and worshipping --

Happy memories and pleasant feelings,
Positive energy and miracle healing --

Bubbling joy and well-being,
Health and wellness ongoing --

Freedom from fear and worrying,
Fiery revival and outpouring --

Grace for every sin and shortcoming,
The better person you are becoming --

Redeemed and forgiven,
Gratitude and thanksgiving --

Faith to overcome all things,
The Lord of lords and King of kings --

On our own we can do nothing,
Through Christ we can do anything --

Think on these things.

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Matt Decker
About This Story
15 Mar, 2018
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1 min
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