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Thinking of Job
Thinking of Job

Thinking of Job

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The book of Job is by far one of the most interesting books of the Bible. Since the Lord continues to give us revelation in His word, I will share with you the revelation given to me.

Job 36:13 "But the godless in heart lay up anger;
They do not cry for help when He (God) binds them."

Until reading the above verse, I could not understand how any person could say they did not believe in Jesus. I cannot tell you how many times I have cried to God for mercy, for help, for understanding, for wisdom, for guidance and in every crisis He is there. The help from Him is so immediate that my sleep is seldom disturbed.

The heart of the godless is full of anger and the anger is against them. God restrains the godless, just as He restrains us. Just as a good father restrains his children. Without God's limits, we will self-destruct.

Job 13:20 "Only two things do not do to me,
Then I will not hide from your face;
(Do not) Remove Your hand from me,
(Do not) Let not the dread (fear) of You terrify me."

Job knew two things sustained him: 1. God's hand on Job 2. Job's fear of God

Job's self-righteous self, thought he could argue with God. He thought he was perfect and righteous. Religion gets us here at some point without us even knowing it. It takes God to strip this away from us. The Lord breaks us. Just like a cowboy breaks a horse. When God shows up in vision or word, we change. There is no defense before God. God knows it all. No need to defend ourselves. What possible defense could we offer to God? There is none.

Repent and worship God, because without God we are nothing. Sometimes it is like my little dog. . . he doesn't know what he has done wrong, but he is sorry because he knows that I am upset with him. Job knew the sovereignty of God. Job knew to fall on the ground and worship God in the worst of times. Job knew God gave and God took away, but Blessed be the name of the Lord. God gave us animals to show us the perfect love of man's best friend. My dog never knows why, he just continues to love me. Suffering is slow to present the why and often the why never comes from suffering, but loving, trusting and worshiping God are the three things I will never stop doing. I trust God that anything I am going through is God's hand and He works everything for my good. Knowing God's hand is upon me makes my spirit rejoice. Paul said it, "count all these trials as pure joy." To know that God is purifying and refining is pure joy to my spirit. To experience broken-ness, is understanding "eating His flesh and drinking His blood." David said, "I continually see His face before me."

The calamity is not what got Job to the right place; it was God who got Job there. I am so thankful that He cares enough to get us there. What God starts in us, He will finish in us. The Book of Job is all about us. From shaky, flaky religions, great pride and hypocrisy, even Behemoth the first ways of God to Leviathan the great fire snorting dragon serpent as Satan the king over all the sons of pride, we repent like Job as Job's eyes saw the Lord. In His presence, we change, because we can't be the same again. Apostle John wrote, "that nothing can snatch us out of God's hand."

Author Notes: I've studied the Bible all my life and no other book compares to it.

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18 Apr, 2021
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