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this is not a si-fic story

this is not a si-fic story

By esme

THE sun was shineing low in the sky, a man and a young boy were walking down a woodland path, the little boy was chatting to his father about his school and how nice all the teachers were. The man smiled when he sore a glint of white through the trees, it was the caravan he was looking for, the young boy ran up to the caravan and shouted "LARCO" in a small boy voice, the boy loved to learn, he learnt a lot listening to his father and mr. larco chat together.
"a- uh a mat, made of hemp fibers, expanded, um like this" adam rubbed the knee of his jeans and continued- "but a mat' uh fibers from hemp are right useful insulation to, and rope! you should be able to make it shoulde'nt you, if you grew hemp?"
"yeah, hemp plaster" smiled larco and leaned back on his easy chair, he took out a small pot of dried grass and started to roll a joint.
"hemp?" asked adams' son, who sat cross legged on the flor and looked up at the men.
there was a pause ware both the men didnt know what to say to the small boy that seemed so curious,"cannabis basicly" larco finaly said and looked at the boy through his darkend glasses, "its cannabis plant but actualy a very old usfull plant, used to make rope out of it because the fibers are-" adam said, larco continued the sentance
"you can make Lebie jeans, thats why they lasted for hundreds of years because there made of hemp instead of cotten" larco and adam both laughed, how silly it all seemed! people getting more and more clothes when you could just grow some that would last!
"libi used to make a fortune making tents for the minors, of course they had tents with them. they would carry rock samples around with them and there jeans would get all ripped so he started to make jeans for them, super strong pockets out of hemp! well thats the story of libi" larco said and stood up to put the coffee on, adam rolled a joint.
"yeah? intresting" smiled adam
"uh so any other intresting things happen?" larco asked his firend over the now whisteling coffee pot.
"uh missed the freeman thing again in galway."
"its all educational you know, if you wanna learn something they got something to teach you-"
"do you know uh, um free man thing ummmmm meet up every sunday"
"free man of the land?"
"yeah ah its ok" adam yawned and iched his head.
the talk slowly changed to kem trails and seeding the atmospher, "there doing alot of spraying, just look up at the sky, it was planatry, every bit of it! maby they left a phew holes over the pasific ocan" larcos voice was was a wisper but he was angey.
"and whats the reson for it?" asked the young boy smiling at larco.
"um i have not heard a concusive one yet"
"a conductive layer in the atmosphere or to make the atmosphere more conductive or somthing" said adam and took a gulp from his coffee.
"-to-to put up a barrier, to diflect energy from the planet or diflect energy from the universe, I would like to see an analist"
"yea its berium and aliminume and even string tracis of DNA and blood cels from things"
"DNA? i knew those things wee nasty but DNA!?" larco exclamed with horrer
"genetic matirial in the kem trails being spraid, and falling to earth, strangly falling to earth from a kem trail" adam said.
"um um" larco nodded .
"barium and alinimume are um heavy mettals its barium that they pump into you its a radiation, its a short life, goes away for a while, but makes you sick."

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About This Story
29 Mar, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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