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This Is a Story
This Is a Story

This Is a Story

Sentimental_creatureSalty Mama !
7 Reviews


Is a story,

Of a boy

Who’s deeply in love with a girl

Who doesn’t even know he exists.

Coz he’s blind, and she’s superficial

She’s only lookin’ at the outside,

And not,

The magic that he holds inside.

So one day, the boy decides, that he’s gonna make a stand

And write everything he loves about her by hand.

Dear girl, he writes with the help of his mother,

For some reason I’ve fallen for you.

Even though you’re a bully,

A hypocrite,

You fall into peer-pressure.

But putting that aside your voice is enchanting...

so when he finishes writing, he’s oh-so-proud

and decides to find her and sing out loud

everything that he finds attractive about her.

The next day, he listens around,

through the bustling streets and enormous crowds

for the sound of her sweet sweet melody.

He finally hears, and boy, is he happy!

He calls her name from across the street.

And even though she sees him, she doesn’t care, and,

she turns her cheek to him.

Being the blind little boy he is,

he starts walking across the street to her


suddenly, there’s a car crash.

The girl watches in horror, as he struggles to breathe

and as the small envelope slips from his hands,

and falls coincidentally at her feet.

Ever-so-carefully, she picks it up,

and reads the letter inside

but she doesn’t how to react.

Her eyes flooded with tears and she hung her head,

as she fell to ground beside him.

Before his last breath, she kissed his lips.



Is a story

of a girl,

who changed her ways for the better,

as her love watches her from above.

Cos even though he’s gone, she knows he’s there,

and no longer superficial is she.

So, my dears, the moral of this song

is don’t let the outside be the guide,

and instead, look for the magic of someone’s voice.

Author Notes: I have nothing to say except I feel like the ending needs work. I love you guys, so please tell me what you think of this. <3

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Salty Mama !
About This Story
13 Oct, 2019
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1 min
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