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This Is What Happens When I Get Bored...

This Is What Happens When I Get Bored...

By Bird - 2 Reviews

One day I was eating chicken and saw a frog jumping into a horse’s mouth and the horse ate it because it was hungry and no one was watching, little did they know that the frog was actually an assassin frog and killed the insides of the horse whilst a beetle watched, and me watched as well. The frog went to kill the beetle so I ran away and hid behind a triangle post. It worked really well and I didn’t die. Not yet. 

Later I decided to hop on a rainbow and fly to Africa, however the trip got too intense for me and my nose started bleeding. It however, could have been the chicken I was eating previously but I’m not sure. My trip was not long as I could not go any further. Instead I decided to eat a sandwich. I ate all of it, including the crust. It was delicious. The mixture of ingredients was a perfect combination and I ate more, I digested it good. I went to sleep afterwards as my nose was still bleeding and I fainted. I woke up and I realised I was sleeping beforehand, unless I fainted. But I don’t know for sure.

I got a highlighter to highlight some papers. Instead I drew a picture of a lamb and hung it on my wall. The fluorescent drawing lit up the wall and glimmered over the room. Wait a minute??? The room I was standing in was not my room and the highlighter was not mine??? I was confused and scared so I danced my way to the exit sign and flew on a flying tree back home because Shimmy (my bird) was awaiting me. Me and Shimmy flew places and saw beautiful sights together. Shimmy lived forever after that.

 My banana started ringing so I answered it. It was a stranger with a dark voice. He said “You used my highlighter… You will die today.” I hung up because shimmy was calling me to feed him.  I ate a sandwich with extra pickles and had an epiphany. That was a killer beforehand calling me. My later plans for locating Klipo the unicorn had to be cancelled. Things just got real. I grabbed a chainsaw and found the killer in the garbage and hit him with a pan. Shimmy guided me there so I gave him bread. However there was no bread. Someone stole my bread.  I was just about to go home when all of a sudden a wild staircase appeared and I fell into my ultimate doom…. I died that day. THE END. I woke up… It was a dream….. lol jokes I actually died.

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About This Story
20 Aug, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
4.5 (2 reviews)

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