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This Is What Happens When I Get Tired...

This Is What Happens When I Get Tired...

By Bird - 2 Reviews

Ninja's... They are everywhere. Which way do I turn? My head sways magnificently to the right and I see a black figure fall from a far building. It was a cat. Beyonće was right. Black cats are unlucky... So I go 'to the left, to the left'. I ran with much speed, I almost fell... But I didn't. Not yet.

I looked behind me to see if the ninjas were still after me. I had the almighty stone of philosopher. It was difficult obtaining it... It took many days to get it, about two hours. They wanted the stone so bad. So bad they would kill for it. Kill a tomato. But I could not let that happen. Not if I was still awake. All of a sudden a ninja fell from a tall building not too far away from me, and I stopped intensely. What was I to do in this situation? I had no other option but to summon my birds of wisdom, and attack. I had hoped it would not come to this. I yelled with much words loudly, "Shimmy!!! Ignite!" and It was at this time and moment, Shimmy appeared before my eyes and sparkles fell from his wings. Multiple other birds were summoned and I telepathically told them to attack. They darted towards the ninja with speed only seen through a switch and light bulb. The birds attacked violently and I could see the dark red gushing out on the concrete... Success... Was what I had thought. "Birds! You may sleep" and they vanished into my bird ball of wonders. I ran up to the black figure to supposedly steal its ninja stars, oh hell no! Was what I had thought. It was not a ninja... I fell to my knees and screamed to the sky "noooooo!!!!" I could see from the building above that a ninja was there. Heartless. So heartless these ninjas.

I had just killed an innocent nun with my majestic birds. This was their plan. It all made sense now... It all made sense. They got an old nun and pushed her off a building as a distraction. Now they were to corner me and I would be doomed for all eternity. The dark red, what I thought was blood, was the blood of multiple tomatoes... The nun had fallen on a tomato cart. Endless rage filled me, tomatoes were the fruits of the earth and these ninjas murdered them... And wasted them also. Helplessness filled me, I felt worthless. My only purpose was to protect the tomatoes. But even I had failed that.

I turned to my surroundings and saw three ninjas, I felt claustrophobic, there were so many. They were in all directions, not one direction... All directions, I tried to see a space where there was not one ninja but it was not possible, they were everywhere. All I saw was black, I felt scared, and I stuttered backwards to where the tall brick building laid. I looked down at the nun, and back at the ninjas... And then back at the nun again, and I realised beneath the the tomato juice was a man hole. The three ninjas began to move towards me with their long shiny swords of doom. I quickly shuffled to get the lid off the man hole and I jumped...

I fell good. Like a cat, I landed on my feet and like a zebra I began running. Not far behind me I heard the ninjas drop as well. Time was running out, I may not have saved the tomatoes but I can still save the stone. If I planted the stone next to the tree of life, it would grow into a better tree. That was my plan (at the time it seemed pretty good... But it wasn't). I ran faster, I needed to get to that tree, the ninjas were soon gaining speed also. Flip, I thought to myself, I may have to summon my unicorn. "Klipo! Up, Up and away!!!" Without any warning, Klipo appeared and we flew out of the sewer with swift skills. "Initiate bomb" I commanded to Kilpo, and with Klipo's skills of professionalism, he used his magical sparkle dust and planted a bomb. The bomb had exploded seconds later with almighty strength. It was at this time, I put my sunglasses on with a swift motion. At last we had lost the ninjas forever. The stone of philosopher was safe in my pocket and I planted it soon after, only to find it did not grow into a tree. It was just a stone. With no more ninjas in my life I lived happily ever after. THE END. Lol jks... Forever alone. Then I die.

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23 Sep, 2014
Read Time
3 mins
3.5 (2 reviews)

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