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This Knife

This Knife

By Smitz

The day is nice we're at the pool,
Walking in I look like a fool.
I lean against the wall I n all my clothes,
reminding myself this is the life I choose.
Looking down I feel the pain in my thighs
why is it no one ever hears my cries?

And when I'm at home the blood trickles down
for once I no longer frown.
I feel the pain and the pain is real.
This is real,
this is life,
this is what I get out of my knife.

And when I'm at school
I chill and act cool.
They ask what's wrong and I say nothing,
but I lied.
I sat I n silence and cried.

During lunch people stare,
and as I sit alone I pretend not to care.
Im afraid of being fat, is there anything wrong with that?
The days I do eat it never lasts long,
people think I handle it wrong.
But they are them and I am me,
and some things they cannot see.

As I sit here I think of death,
Wishing for the day I take my last breath.
For when I die I will no longer worry,
Death is near and he'll hold me tightly
I will not resist but move politly.
This is real,
to end my life,
this is what i'll get out of my knife.

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About This Story
29 Oct, 2014
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1 min
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