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Thought it was him

Thought it was him

By vulnerableghurl94

I was 15, he was 19...i met him in church in June. i can say, that it was one of the best days in my teenage life. i got to know him through sms. when he personally got my phone number, and i gave it to him right away.. that night, i honestly waited for a new number to text me....and....yeah...

" hey, how are u?" ignoring who it was,but then i had the instinct that it was him so i answered back.

"doing good, 'bout u, Nale?" yes, that's his name... i hope this is him.

"doing fine too...ohw, u know me huh, i bet u'r waiting for my text?" the nerve!! how did he know? :) i didn't want him of course to know that i like

" knew it was you 'cause you're the only one whom i gave my number." well, that's true coz i just got my new phone. and so we talked all night, then i woke up realizing i slept without even saying goodnyt to him. i felt bad and so i texted him though it was still 5 in the morning..then he didn't reply, i thought maybe, it's too early...but then the whole day he still didn't. maybe, he didn't reload his phone. i kept on thinking positive things why he had no texts...

it was Sunday again, and i can't wait to see him. i was still walking to the door, when he poof right infront of me, grrhh..i hate it when people do that. but then i was happy coz it was him. he apologized that he didn't text me for the past few days, coz he don't have time to reload, ohw...just as i thought. we went inside the church together, there we listened and after that, we talked about the things we like and dislike. and to my surprise, we have same fav. color, same fav. genres of movies. we actually have a lot of similarities, that we actually can relate much with each other.

Days, Months passed, we get more closer and closer with each other,i was so open to him, so as he. we talk every night and we even meet and do stuffs. and all of a sudden there's this other girl, which is a church member, like buts in when me and Nale talk and i was like ' can u just please wait for your turn to talk', but then of course i can't say that. and since that time. everytime we're in church, they're very sweet with each other, like, really really sweet. and i'm in the corner, watching them secretly, yeah, i know, what a stupid thing to do, but i can't help it, and it like literally broke my heart into pieces. do you know the feeling, that when u had a toy and someone gave u a new toy, u'll just ignore the old toy and play with the new toy. i felt like the old toy, thought the girl was a member in the church longer than me, and the question is that, why didn't they just had that sweetness before i came. for me to not feel this pain that is present until now.

i thought by the past months, i was gonna have him. i thought he's the one, but then, for all the things that he showed me, the sweet things that he had been doing for me, for like, helping with this and that. for just being there when i needed someone. For teaching me a lot of things. i guess it was just a one-sided love. it's just that i thought he fell in love with me too...but then it was just i who did...and that's what hurts the most.

"the sweetness of a person will hurt you if you assume that it is love."

:) hope you guys can learn from this.

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5 Dec, 2010
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3 mins
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