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thought on how my days in school are.

thought on how my days in school are.

By ammobaby123

Ok Well, i met my best friend in Pre-k, she was the nicest person in the world. Well that all changed when her dadd got in her life.
her dad would smack her, not beat her but bruse her, and my best friend bridgette would have to crawl out the window at night and run to her moms house.
Her moms nice and all but gosh when bridgette got older she was a hurrible person.. her dad is on anger treat mint and he doesnt do any things like that any more. But now shes 18 and mean she flips off random people.. talk nasty like ya know, she makes fun of kids she would smack me but she know if she does that to me i seriesly freak out i mean there is no sense in that shes a punk rock girl, who is goth, hates every thing but friends and skillet and BVB She always ignores me and talk to this peice of crap mealinie who is always singing i wanna see ur pea-cock cock cock.... weirdooo!!
Well any ways ill go to 3rd grade i had a best friend named estella and alexis ill talk about estella shes a cheerleader who loves alvin in the chimpmunks me and alexis and estella where nick named after them and we started a band of tapping on the desk that was soo fun but as she started to hang out with bridgette she would become goth and had a boyfriend who cut his self now she is different in every way.
Now on with alexis she is a perky, nerdy, funny, cool girl and now shes popular shunes me as i walk by her and her bestie freaking friends. But heres the part thats weird i sit near her the most popular girl in school gina and marrisa and hanna they want me sitting there so im popular right? Wrong.. i dont get how its funny to pop a co***m in the middle of class and think its FUNNY. i dont understand. And they got it from the teachers book too.

OK... now to me... No im not gothc not emo not popular not a nerd but in the middle i feel left out no one gets me.

Ok well my parents got divorced last year and my dad remarried and so did my mom... lets go to my dads new family

First before they new each and my dad went shooting every weekend and we would go to the mall and get some pretzels to laugh and share how r day went well, that changed when 3 kids and a woman got involved.. dont get me wrong i love them all but ..ill tell u

Aj ( annastashia): is the best person in the world she rocks theres nothing bad about her.

Zac: my only brother: A pain always talks about video games and killing justin beiber hes a weird do hes cool tho he says im alsome

Katie my almost youngest sister: A pain.. she has drama in her life always comes home crying i have to cheer her up which kida makes me happy n a way she fun and funny!!

GWEN: the youngest: When i first met her she broke my ankle i fell then i tried to get up and she pushed me down and jumped on me.. yup then on day i was working out on the tred mill and then she asked if she could get on and im like no its dangerous ur 3 honey and later ill put it on slow for u then all a sudden she went behide me not thinking any thing of it she trips me and my hand tugged out on the thing wrapped around my wrist and i almost broke it on the ankle thing i did brake that.

now its just my mom and her husband nothing wrong there. when i got in 5th grade my first family member died and over the summer anouther one and then the begining of 6th another one.... then MY bestest friend ever my mommom.. me and her shared laughes together we went to burgerking and ate a medium fri with a slupie coke drink with it evry day in the summer .. the only place i could go was my mommoms in the summer.. she was my best friend and me just saying this makes me cry my poppop is still the next best thing i love him as well

In 6th grade i got my first love, Martin, He was my best friend at school and me and him dated for 3 months ok, well he left and hes never coming back he went home school and it made me so sad we had to break up that little bundle of joy who held my at recess the one who stuck up for me the hottest kid in the 6th grade was my boyfriend and i was upset he had to leave.
ok now 7th grade is the last grade im doing in the summer i get a text messgae saying is this amanda and im like yea and then that person says its martin and i call him and say how r u and just the spark in r spech was all it was like having him there with me. just the voice young love is what it was and i thing we will get married ... ok well if u want the rest i guess i could type another on but im sure no onw cares just thought of letting it out ..thanks for reading :)

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27 Oct, 2011
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