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Thoughts and Reality

Thoughts and Reality

By linoleumflooring

I feel it coming. The wind blows hard while I desperatly hold onto my hood. Then I start to feel it. At first, it feels like prickles on my skin. But, it starts to soak me, the rain. Drenches me and worsens my sight into the mysterious distance. I move foreward with a light pace, gravitating towards it. It feels so strong, so gripping. Then, this instant feeling of regret. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I'll miss you guys. You too, Gaston. The ground is slippery as I trudge through the mud barefooted but not sure-footed. The wind blows even harder. I just wish it could start all over again, but sometimes the rules are just not fair. I loose my step and stumble foreward. Unsure if I desired the outcome, I sit down and think it over again. I stood up, heart pumping fast, and took my step. I fall, the wind faster than ever.

"Sorry, mom," I thought.

"Officer 177 come in."

"Heard a bang sound coming from South Deep Creek Road. Going in to investigate."

Author Notes: Please don't commit suicide, it's not just bad for you, it puts strain on your entire community.

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30 Apr, 2019
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