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Thoughts of Dog
Thoughts of Dog

Thoughts of Dog

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Morning its morning! I love morning, Its when day begins. I am hungry so I think I will wake up Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad like to sleep a lot I don’t know why. Their is so much to do in life so I can’t afford to sleep too much. Mom and Dad say funny things like “You are a crazy dog” and “You nut”, I don’t know what those mean so I generally just respond by giving them a big kiss. It works every time. I think today I want to go sit in the sun. The sun is so nice and warm, It’s kinda like a warm blanket. I love smelling flowers and saying hello to the neighbors. They love saying hi to me to. I’m a lot different then Mom and Dad. They are a lot taller than me but I am much faster. They are also pretty clumsy, they seem to drop the ball a lot when we are at the park. I always go get it though, they get tired quickly. I think I will take a short nap now, thinking is tiring.

Oh… What happened? I must have fallen asleep, oh well time to make Mom and Dad get up. Uh oh their door is closed, I must wake them up somehow. Hmmm? I guess I should try barking… Well I don’t think that worked. WAIT! I HEAR GROANING!!! They are up!!! Mom gave me a kiss and Dad scratched my back! Today is a good day! No everyday is a good day. Mom always leaves early in the morning for something called work. I don’t know what that means but she always has a treat when she comes back so I don’t mind. I think mom is leaving, that is sad but she will be back so I shouldn’t worry.

I wonder if Dad will take me on a walk? Let’s find out! Oh yay we are going on a walk, all my neighbors are waving! The wind feels nice in my hair, It’s nice and cool. I sometimes like to stop and smell things. I think we are almost at the park, I can smell children playing and I can hear the laughter. Some children are running towards me I should say hello! I love children and they love me, but one child is scared. That is not good. I will comfort them. My dad knows what I'm doing and said ok. We don't use leases he said it's something about mutual trust whatever that means. Why does this child cry the closer I get. Is it scared of me? That really is not good. I will lower myself it feels like the right thing to do. The child has stopped crying! That is good. He looks at me, maybe he can rub my belly! Oh yay he is laughing now and everyone is rubbing my belly even the crying child. I am happy and so are they!

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About This Story
29 Mar, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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