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Three minutes

Three minutes

By philopop - 1 Review

Three minutes--

That's All that stood between me

And the Black bullet

That I know is coming--

At this time I stand alone

And at this time inside




I can see the bullet in the barrel--

The bullet that could end my life--

I've always had no fear

Until now--

Until I stared death in the face--

And I laughed--

I've done many things

To show that I have no fear

But now

staring death in the face

I have fear

And I am feeling fear--

And that fear is where all fear originates from--


The reaper will take everyone in the end--

But it's in heaven where we will be judged

And we will either be sent to heaven or hell--

Two Minutes until I meet my end

This minute I think about all

Of my sins--

And all of my


what i should've done and changed

All the people I have hurt--

All the people I have changed

And I regret it

One minute

Of sadness until it is all over--

But somehow I am happy--

Somehow I am relieved to be released

From these mortal bonds--

One minute to forget it all and face death with no fear--

But face death with the certainty that I will go to a better place

Where I will be forgiven

For all the wrong doings

And For all the things I have messed up--

Thirty seconds--

I need to face it as a man--

As a man who can


with an example by smiling at death--

And showing I have no fear

Ten seconds--

The executioner is steadying his aim--

Five seconds--

Time to say my prayers--

One second--


Author Notes: the "--" is ment to represent breaks inbetween lines

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14 May, 2016
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1 min
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