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Through All My Lies

Through All My Lies

By Amyisblue

Im sad and lonly so i cover it up with lies. My lies arnt see through, but maybe after this youll get me.

Im an awekward little girl and i love singing even tho i hate my voice.I love music and art.

One time i drew a little mushroom that looked prophesinal.I made my first piano music with a robot voice.

I want 2 special friends to know... Navasora,And Luckycharmed.

We met on a game,Mabinogi You two helped me out ALOT.

I owe you alot.

Im Brianna A 14 yearold girl Soon to be 15

Im clumbsy,awekward,forgetfull,bright,And a shy mumchkin.

I was hurt badly.

I hope you can forgive me ^^ i understand if you can't.

Peopple dont know there place in the world but i know mine

I heal broken hearts,i take the pain away, but the pain has to go somewere

Ive healed over a thousand broken hearts it made me happy^^.

Now ive heald 200,000,000,000,000,000 hearts I feel that much pain.

I wont die nope not yet.

I just have had a hard time dealing with the pian srry if i had hurt you.

Hurting you made a bigger pain cobined all in one with the pain of the broken hearts.

^^ Ai Suki dasku .

Author Notes: They read my stories so i had to say this im sorry.

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6 Jun, 2013
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1 min
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