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Through That Window
Through That Window

Through That Window

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Back then, no worries

No struggles, no hardships

People caring for and loving you

Always a smile on your face, and with a feeling of bliss, I watched you through that window

Years and years on end,

You grew from a little seedling to a beautiful tree

Over time while life flew by I watched you through that window

The circular window where I was trapped

Trapped in my own mind

My own self

No escape

You gave me hope, made me smile

But you will never know as I watched through that window

Soon your family moved out but you stayed

You had a partner which you smiled with

How I wished it was me

Then there were kids

They looked exactly like you

Same smiles and deep eyes

You moved away, I became empty

More lifeless


I broke that window I watched you through and cut

As I took my last breaths I smiled knowing I would tell you my love in a heavenly place

This is my goodbye to you, for now, thank you for keeping me alive all these years though you may not know it.

You are my savior, my one

Author Notes: This is my first story, hope you like it

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22 Apr, 2019
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