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'Till Death Do Us Part
'Till Death Do Us Part

'Till Death Do Us Part

enigmaticflamingoMother Goose

It was a dream come true. Slowly walking down that aisle, holding my father's hand. I was so naive, so... clueless. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Smiling awkwardly at my loved ones, I raised my head and said "I do"... Those words were the biggest regrets of my life. After the ceremony, I rushed to my room and cried. I don't know if it was joy or sadness, maybe both... I cried and I cried and I cried. I finally stood up, fixed my face, and left it all behind me. I shouldn't have, I shouldn't have left that room, I shouldn't have left that bottle of champagne... As I stepped out and walked in the golf course of that resort, transformed into a posh party, there was a weird atmosphere outside. No more ducks in the pond, no more uncles at the bar, and no more bridesmaids playing spin the bottle with the groomsmen, and my husband... I was slowly walking near the pond, I started to regret it all. My heels killed my feet and I was standing on top of that pond with my mascara drooling from my early cries. I regret all those contracts signed, the marriage one, and the cash one... My husband insisted on making me sign a paper that said I'd give him all my possesions at my death. Suddenly, I felt cold, gloved hands on my back. I didn't have time to scream, those hands already pushed me in the pond. My dress being so heavy and me not being a good swimmer, I drowned. I heard someone cry my name... I recognized that voice, it was cold as stone, but sweet as honey... It was my husband! That prick pushed me in the pond to make that contract count! He called 911, acting innocent as a lamb.

At 5 p.m., I was declared dead. My family, friends, and "husband" cried. I was so mad... I decided that I was going to fall back on him like a dark angel of revenge. At my funeral, everyone was crying except him. Standing first row listening to all the people he hurt cry, he smirked. After the funeral, the first thing that he did was go to the City Hall to redeem those contracts as if they were lottery tickets. He ruined my whole life, stole my soul and existence from me. I was going to get revenge, but in torturous way... An eye for an eye, right? Looking for him all over town, I finally found him in a bar. He's with another girl, I'm not surprised... He brings her to what used to be our home and is now a pit of beer bottles and drugs. I cry a little, it's partly my fault, falling for someone like him... I don't even know how I could have! But it's too late, don't be sorry, be careful. When he's alone, I kill the girl he flirted with in the bar. Another girl that saw the body calls the police, screams and runs away. My ex hears the scream and walks towards the bathroom where the body is located. He sees it and tries to throw it in the garden but it's too late. The cops burst in the house and arrest him. They seize his drugs, and an ambulance carries the body away. The girl dies of course and he goes to court. He is judged with aggravated murder, illegal drug possesion, and other crimes... Some date back to when we were engaged. How was I so naive... After many trials and prosecution, penalties and incarcerations, his sentence was decided. The capital sentence... I could look at the expression on his face when the penalty was announced all day long... I was laughing my head off! He finally got what he deserved, so on the day of his execution, all the witnesses were seated and watched. He was panicked and was staring all over the room until his glance stopped at that empty seat in the corner, the one seat reserved for the spouse. It's like he could see me, sitting in that chair at this exact moment, waiting for him. It was too late to repent, he was already on his way home...

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed!

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Mother Goose
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12 Mar, 2019
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3 mins
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