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Till Death do us part.

Till Death do us part.

By magnaboy01

Boy: ohhhhhhhhh HOT GIRL "clicks add as a friend"
Notification: Girl has accepted your friend request.

Boy: Hello (:
Girl: Sup? <3
Boy: nothing much , You?
Girl: Same thing, say, why u add me?
Boy: Cuz i think ur cool, cute and funny (:
Girl: Haha llz (: thx xD
Boy: Your welcome (:
Girl: Well I have to go, txt me? heres my number *gives number to boy*
Boy: Oh aight ill talk to you later bye <3
Girl: Haha Aight (:

Same things happen every night, Boy keeps talking to girl, then one day the boy told the girl that he likes her, and the girl told the boy that he likes her too, but then they both was in a relationship that time...:O what will happen?

5 weeks later:Boy changed his relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single"

Girl: Ohhh??? Boy: not feeling it anymore...:(
Girl: Is it because of me? should i go away?
Boy: Ugh no...plz dont...*boy thinks i did this because i love you*
Girl: Awhh its okay theres lots of girls out there for you, like me (:
Boy: Yeah ^_^ too bad ur not single (:
Girl: Yeah ;/
Boy: I gtg ttyl ! <3
Girl is offline.
Boy: ILY! (send message)Boy gets irritated.

3 days later,

Girl has changed her relationship status from "In a relationship" to "single"
Boy: WTF?
Girl: Yeah we broke up ;/
Boy: Why?
Girl: He cheated on me.
Boy: FUCK im gonna kick his ass, when i see him okay? fuck him...that bitch is gonna die.
Girl: No its okay, ;/
Boy: Im sorry i cant do anything cuz this is just over facebook :(
Girl: I gtg ;/ sorry
Boy: Okay bye :*
Girl logged off.

Next day:
Boy: Hi (:
Girl: Heyy (:
Boy: Will you be my girlfriend?
Girl: Ugh......sorry..;/
Boy: Okay....fine...T_T
Girl: Im really sorry ;/ its just something..
Boy: I get it bye...:(
Boy logged off.

The boy was walking at the mall, he saw the Girl's ex the one who cheated on her, he eventually runs toward him, and punch him, a swing of a knife to the Boy, bloods loitered everywhere, the Boy closed his eyes saying, I l-o-v-e.....-------------------------

The boy was rushed to the hospital, The girl later found out that the boy was hospitalized because of her ex...she eventually went to the hospital, but when she got there, she found out, that the boy died 3 hours ago.....She burst her tears, crying, and then a whisper from nowhere came out, saying " Im in love with you even if i cant hold you right now, ill always watch over you from the heavens above"..
The girl looked at the sky, saying, THank you for being there for me, I love you too, *saying those words with tears all over her eyes*....

As th sun goes down, the girl thought of herself, I wish i had said yes....The End...

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3 Feb, 2011
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