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Tim [ Tester ]
Tim [ Tester ]

Tim [ Tester ]


It was a stupid idea, an online hook-up. She had been desperate, look where it got her. Her slender fingers, her thin wrists, the tight rope. Kidnapped, she was strung to the bedposts- the kidnappers cold gaze keeping the frail woman in a paralyzed state. Her brow formed beads of sweat, ruffled hair sprawled over her face, causing her nose to itch and tongue flicker, trying to get the hair out her mouth. Her black-painted nails dug into the brown binds, causing her fingers to turn white as she silently picked each hair off the rope. It was getting her no-where.

Chapter 1: Her name was Timothy.

She was the loner, always had been. Recently, a couple popular kids had noticed her spike in grades. Good, no, the best. Timothy was never smart, definitely not bright, nor popular- she was always hidden in the shadows, reading or listening to, what you and I would call somewhat ‘depressive ‘, music. It was her tenth year in middle school, and she had become slightly more… social.

Cloe, Stan, Heather, Joshua and Michael, the poplar kids. Cloe, she was the kind of girl who spoilt her beauty by opening her legs to any man that wanted an easy fuck- Stan, he is the captain of the football team, why wouldn’t he be popular? Heather, she was the rich one, popular by birth- Joshua, he was simply HOT- Then there was Michael, no one really knew why he was popular, but he was.

Popular kids, everyone knows them, every one of us. Either you aren’t or you are, right? They make you realise how cold the world is, and how if you don’t do as they ask... well you know what happens. Timothy was one of those people the bullies targeted, she didn’t want to follow the hoity-toity, good-for-nothing-but show, single-minded brats. No, she didn’t. however, they swooned her- it didn’t help she envied them. And as soon as they invited her to be one of them… she accepted.

“So, Tim- “Cloe said softly.

“It’s Timothy…actually.” Timothy interrupted.

“Tim.” Stan placed a firm grip on Timothy’s shoulder, threating her argument. She hushed herself, feeling the Jock press his fingertips dig into her shoulder as Cloe continued what she was saying.

“Tim, as a popular you must be willing to do certain things- you know? We have a visual to uphold. Tell me, have you ever done drugs?” Cloe’s words rung in Timothy’s head, ‘drugs? Why would she want to know about that?’ she glanced to her lap, fingers uncontrollably dancing together.

“no, I haven’t. “Timothy’s voice quivered.

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25 Dec, 2017
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2 mins
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