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A Time For Love

A Time For Love

By Victor Reigns - 1 Review

She was too busy love, she had more important things on her mind, she sort of pushed love to the side 

and lord knows I tried even some times cried but every time I've tried it's been access denied

and she would always say something like ... I don't have the time 

or now is not the right time or maybe another time and she didn't want to make that same mistake with me

 that she made with those other guys but deep inside I knew she had something she was trying to hide

but I just did not have the time to wait for the right time

cause I've waited for a long time or now

and every time has been the wrong time

so for me it's moving on time

cause time is not on my side you see 

plus you've got to consider the pride in me

so I told her it was time to make a decision 

but she reacted like it wasn't enough time given

so I to make up my mind either I was going to give her more time 

or I was going to give up on trying

but that time is over now 

no more crying on my shoulders now

as a matter of fact I found a new girl that defines the word fine

best part about it she doesn't waist my time

So many days went by and I felt so high

cause I'm spending time with my new girl that's all mine 

but that's when the other girl came back to my surprise 

with a stare so deep she had love in her eyes

but realized  that something was wrong

because that part of me that only loved her was gone

Who is she ?  she asked.

Is it someone from your past ?

I told her no, I have a new girl now and think this one's gonna last.

That's when she laughed and acted like it didn't hurt 

she wasn't use to playing second fiddle because I always put her first

but now everything is in reverse and she cursed as she took one step outside

the tears flowed from eyes as if someone in her family died

finally she was willing to give me the time I so desperately desired

so now I'm stuck between this girl and that girl damn she got me in a bind

and I can't make up my mind

she asked me one last time if I still wanted her to be mine
and all I could say is I don't know... I'll tell you in due time.

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About The Author
Victor Reigns
About This Story
24 Nov, 2014
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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