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Time Jump chapter 1

Time Jump chapter 1

By digitalman78

In the the year 2159, in the 22nd century there was city on earth called Serene City which used to be called Philadelphia in the U.S. of the past century. It was like heaven on earth crime free, people well mannered, happy, friendly, and alongside with A.I. (robot civilians). But one scientist who will turn bad destroy this earth bound urban paradise. His name was Dr. Stone hart, a graduate of quantum physics and molecular transportation in the U.S. at MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in 2148 and also a millionaire, his invention came to reality in 2149 through his funding. He created a time machine in S.C. (Serene City) where people can go back in time when its peaceful but it was supposed to be experimental. He had conceived the idea from before at MIT but others say that human teleportation was too risky by not sending the entire human body though safely and was outlawed. He had a rough life, his mom died in his teens, the father was drunkard by taking cyber drug implants in his brain staying high until it killed him eventually, leaving Stone Heart without a family into adulthood. But one hero, a man will stop him named Brian Ferguson who was from in New Scarborough ON, Canada, city of Toronto borough and was born though artificial insemination . His real parents, a interracial couple, the mom 100% black and bi-racial dad want this procedure done because it a better solution. They split up when he was 4 when the adopted dad disappear not saying his whereabouts, but all will be explained later on in his life. His mom died of heat stroke and bad health.

So he went to foster homes or shelters in downtown Toronto to live as he grew older. He didn’t want to acknowledge his African-Canadian, Caribbean, or black heritage because of embarrassment of black people in the past through criminal acts, harsh treatment in early-mid 20th century in North America, but happy to learn about a black president in the U.S. in 2008. Also a South Asian PM in Canada from 2072 and a Hispanic president in the U.S. from the later part of the 21st century, every 4 yrs. Racism was eradicated worldwide in 2042 that change the cultural face of the world. Brian went to school in virtual reality format with the teacher being a hologram and straight A student. He grew up going to elementary school, junior high school, and high school, also made some male friends, even though there a lot of robot hall monitors in all schools since 2050. Religions of the world such as Western Christianity was soon outlawed in 2090 mainly in Europe, North America, eventually the whole world by an anti-Christian group with the exception of Muslim Islam faith, atheism and that the anti-Christian group were sons and daughters also grandchildren of terrorists were devout followers of Islam. Science, AI and VR technology has increased rapidly.

If any person caught worshipping any Christian demonations and reading the e-bible in the open, they are fined $75,000 or 4 years of imprisonment, which is a very cruel punishment.82% of the earth became non-Christian/religious in 2092, so faithful Christians worship in secret, in small groups underground and eventually Christianity disappeared on earth forever by 2100. The conditions on earth were scarce, extreme heat, low resources, overpopulation and climate change cause people to travel other planets in space such as Mars with 500,000 people living on the red planet with good clean water resources and good climate conditions through terraforming.

Highly intelligent with a IQ of 280!, sharp clear memory, and accurate reading skills also can stop time and jump very high. He excelled in some sports such as boxing, running, hockey, basketball, and baseball to keep himself occupied. Still unsure of his future at 19 when he graduated high school, but he quickly knew he wanted to help people, protect them, so he decided to be a law enforcement office at Northeast Sector zone 14 in New York State‘s law enforcement academy and learn about fugitive retrieval by the U.S. Marshals of the past century the police style.Vancouver Megaplex city is where Heather was born and grew up with her adoptive parents. Her real parents abandoned at birth and she lives by her memories that keep her sane. When she said she wanted to be a journalist when she grew up as teen, her adoptive father who was drunk at the time, beat her for going to the library to study journalism and physics also not coming in from her curfew. So at 18, she ran away from home and went to Serene City in America for better opportunities.

Improvements in weapon technology like laser technology by Dr. Wise-man (real name: Jack Stewart) P.L.L.T. invention( pellet laser launch tube) that shoots out pellet laser capsules from a portable object to stun a target like a person for 30 minutes. and in a powerful force field was being patented in 2117. It came to reality for police only use in 2125, in a form of a old school taser like gun with buttons but somehow fell into the wrong hands by Dr. Stone heart obtaining a blueprint copy of it to create and give the fugitives. He had real feeling for a attractive female news reporter named Heather Wassermann, a platinum blond. They had strong real feelings for each other when she first interviewed him on his 1st police assignment when he and his team took down some criminals. By 2158, the once peaceful Serene City became hell on earth and was in peril with gangs on the rise in a vicious street war with looting, robberies, and violence with armed robot android police, human ones in automated self driving armored vehicles at the core with Brian leading them as Captain.

Anyway, Brian went into law enforcement school at West Point in the area that used be the U.S. state of New York to become a cop through rigorous training, laser target practice, and drilling. By then, Dr. Stone hart gone evil, by siding with convicted criminal fugitives escaping the law that live in Lower Serene, a underground city where people who don‘t keep up with the fast paced 22nd century technology and still think they live in the early 21st century are treated like cavemen or nether people. They were known as the Nether Outlaws because of them being underground in an hellhole and they escaped and went to surface with Stone Heart‘s help, causing trouble by killing a few citizens with advanced weaponry like super laser cannons and also the bullet guns of the past century. There was also a great war of 2112 which was a virtual one across the earth. Brian had stopped them, arrested them, and sent them packing. But he had help from female cop Farah Ramirez, an attractive officer he met at West Point women’s law enforcement academy to train, the same place Brian trained also. She too was tracking down some fugitives that escaped from jail and on the run. Stone heart was furious that his bad boys and girls are in jail whom he recruited to cause destruction in the city. “What fools!” “Must I do everything myself around here?” Stone heart said.So he freed them and sent them back to 2009 to run wild and rampant in causing destruction, also hide in. They quickly figure out that Dr. Stone Heart is responsible for the disappearance of a lot wanted fugitives to the past through his invention at his laboratory with hidden cameras in his lab recording the events. So Brian and Farah both went to his lab and caught him before he escaped. "Freeze Stoneheart" Brian said."My, my Capt. Ferguson and the beautiful Ramirez, how can I help you today?" he said. "Quit the humor" Farah said. "So you were responsible for the convicts escape?" "Why yes, Ms. Ramirez." Stoneheart replied. "Well you're charged for aiding dangerous criminals to escape from justice" Brian said. "That's if you can catch me" Stoneheart said and dashed towards Heather holding the beautiful blond hostage."Let her go, you jerk!" Brian said."No way" Stoneheart said and walked towards the time machine with her. "You know I have taken an anti-radiation serum(ARS) to protect me from the deadly bright lights, my body paralyzes for a while until I reach my destination, as for her". "Why don't take a little trip with me back in time?" he said. "I rather die than travel with you" she replied. "So be it" Stoneheart said. He then had a needle and inject her right side of her neck with a deadly king cobra venom which is extinct from the mid 21st century. But she was in the activated machine with him which was on and powerful bright lights speed up the deadly venom flowing through her body and got shocked by electricity bolts, causing the heart to beat rapidly making her have a fatal heart attack, killing her. "NO!" Brian said. "Brian, stop!" Wiseman said."It's too risky, can't go in there unprotected without ARS, you share the same fate as Heather." "Listen to him, Brian" Farah said. He planned to kill them too if they stand in his way. “Damn it ,Brian ” Farrah said. “We must stop this madman.” Don’t worry we will. Brian said. “Dr. Wiseman, you alright?” Just about, thanks law people. You do serve and protect the innocent. I’ll send both of you to the time the evil scientist has set. But it will take time to get his machine operational again because he used up most of the power sending fugitives back in time and disabled the controls. So both of them had to keep law and order in the city until the device was repaired. Finally, the time machine was operational. Good luck getting him. Here‘s a holographic protection shield, micro pellet-laser- tubes (M.P.L.T.) with a massive supply of laser pellets and virtual Tele walkie talkies disguised as smart phones of the present with video calls known as V.I.C.E.S. (Virtual Image Computer Excellent re-Search).

Now go get ‘em. Wiseman said “Right” both said. Brian and Farah ventured into the past from 2159 to 2009 finding them and sending them back to future. But those 4 will have help from their time in 2009 with 22nd century tech. which will be useful to them.

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8 Jan, 2012
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8 mins
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