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Time Jump Chapter 2

Time Jump Chapter 2

By digitalman78

In total, Brian and Farah apprehended, captured and sent back 50 wanted convicts or cons back to 2159 from 2009 with the help of their super computer V.I.C.E.S. They found the head villain, Dr. Jeremiah Stoneheart at his 2nd hideout at a cabin near the Rockies in Colorado, U.S.A.. But he wouldn’t go without a fight, so he fired his deadly super photon cannon at them and ran out the cabin into the forest. Farah used her super speed to take the weapon from his hands, both struggled and then the evil scientist took her hostage.

“Hey Brian, I got your female companion. Why don’t we make this easy on ourselves and you surrender?” he said. “Don’t do it, Bri” Farah said. “Girl, I got no choice” Brian said and drop his bullet gun. “Nice doing’ business with you, Captain Ferguson” Stoneheart said “I win this time”. “Not yet you don’t, you bastard” Farah said and stomped on foot so she could escape and Brian used his super speed to give Stone heart one right hook. “Both of you, it’s imperative you zap him with the red blast now so I can transport him back” VICES said. “Dr. Jeremiah Stoneheart, you’re charged for your role in transporting dangerous fugitives in time to 2009” Brian said. They both zapped him with a red laser blast and sent him back to 2159 to stand trial for his troubles like destruction. Stoneheart vows revenge on those two one day when he escapes.

Still 2009 in the past, Brian and Farah were both celebrating their victory at a private social gathering not knowing that the evil scientist is planning his escape from jail 150 years in the future.

Philly (Serene City): November 17, 2159 in the 22nd century, Stoneheart was sentenced to 25 years in maximum security jail for no chance of parole until 2184. But the law system in the future is very corrupt, destruction and chaos are rampant. Crimes such as murders, virtual rape, etc. were in full swing, the city was a near ghost town with bad polluted air. One day, a prison guard bought Stoneheart’s lunch of meatloaf with purified drinking water, but he wasn’t there. The guard went into his cell and Stoneheart appeared from behind, being invisible from a invisibility ring which he created in the past and sunk it to the jail. He took the guard’s gun from him and shot him down, and escaped. The alarm went off and he left a path of destruction of destroyed prison guard bots but remained invisible so the cameras don’t catch him, but the criminals used this opportunity to escape too. Back at Stoneheart quantum psychic lab in downtown S.C, Wiseman was stunned by a P.L.L.T blast by Victoria(Despara’s) weapon shaped as a taser gun. With his time machine activated to the year 1959, he was ready to go back in time, but not until he made him and Despara invincible by molecular upgrading. They made their bodies withstand gunshots so they pass through them, ability to walk through walls, control time and space. Little that Brian and Farah don’t know nothing about Stoneheart’s escape and his treachery, also his revenge on them. That’s when VICES had alerted them from Wiseman who awaken from his coma that Stoneheart and at evil rebel member named Despara are in 1959 and they’re invincible to PLLT Blasts and also walk through walls. Also to avenge his defeat by them, but some faces that they know will aid them from their future police department which he sending back in time right away to deal with them.

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8 Jan, 2012
Read Time
3 mins
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