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Time Jump Chapter 3

Time Jump Chapter 3

By digitalman78

After hearing the message of the help from their police department in 2159 to aid Brian and Farah in their quest to get Stoneheart and company in 1959, they will help train the rookies to stop these menaces in the past and not mess up history. Their names are Amanda Reid and Paul Low who graduated from S.C.(Serene City) law Enforcement Academy class of 2159, the same year that Brian and Farah went back in time to 2009. They both have one PLLT laser weapon in a form of a taser gun that shoots freeze ice pellets to immobilize a target temporally, which would put the criminals on ice. About 50 more fugitives, including Stoneheart are on loose in past which is 1959 and all over world of that time.

November 16, 2009: Brian and Farah meet the rookies of 2159 in a vacant building of S.C. in 2009. “Amanda and Paul” Brian said. “Wiseman sent y’all to deal with this Stoneheart menace, eh?”. “Yes” they both answered. “Farah, we bring a present for you.” said Amanda. “Your own super computer named RICK (Research Information Computer Knowledge) in a form of a debit card”. “Aw thanks” Farah said. “It’s like a early Christmas present for me, too bad we don’t celebrate that holiday in 2159, because of lack of snow.” “Amem” VICES said. “You humans and your holiday traditions. Let’s get back to the matter at the hand, shall we?” she demanded. “Visualize!” Brian said, and they both appeared in human form VICES, a young beautiful woman and RICKS, a form of a British butler man. “Good evening, everyone” RICKS said. “My, the past is a very innocent one. No matter, Dr. Jeremiah Stoneheart, code name being Jebadiah, is invincible to your weapons.” “So where do we find him?” Paul said. “He was a millionaire in the 22nd century made from his invention. So he’s gone back to 1959, the mid-20th century.

So he has a mansion along the U.S. south coast.” “Well, let’s get going, then to 1959” Brian said. “You all have your Time Jump cards?” VICES said. “Activate them to year 1959“ she said, and they were all transported to 1959. “Captain, you and Farah go after Jeremiah” VICES said. “Amanda you and Paul catch the remaining 50 fugitives hiding in this time”. “OK” they said, with the help of RICKS and they too have the red laser blast to stun the con in a powerful force field so with the help of RICKS, sent the fugitive back to the future. And they have done well as rookies, capturing all 50 of them under different aliases in the U.S. and the world sending them back to 2159 to stand trial again for their crimes. Meanwhile at Stoneheart’s mansion in Alabama, U.S.A, he and Despara were there, with the bodyguards having 22nd century advanced guns. Both were undercover.

“Farah, girl, anything on your end?” Brian said on his video walkie talkie disguised as a smart phone. “Nothing yet,” she said wearing a blue dress. “Oh wait, I see the bastard in front, about to dress the crowd.” she whispered “Ladies and gentlemen,” he said. “Today is the day that Stoneheart industry labs are breaking through in science.” “I think I’m going to puke” Farah said. “Captain Ramirez Gordon, pull yourself together.” VICES said. Just then, Stoneheart saw Farah in the crowd. “Hey, seize her” he said to the bodyguard. “No problem, boss” he said. When the bodyguard tried to seize Farah, she kick him in his groin and gave him a powerful bitch slap that sent him flying in the air into the large cake. “Everyone, evacuate the premises” Brian said, appearing from hiding. So people ran out scared from the mansion, leaving only them and the bodyguards. “Don’t you two ever give up?`` he said. No we don``t Brian said. ``It’s what we are trained to do, getting scum like you. `` ``Boys have fun with these two here`` Stoneheart said. And the two dodged gunfire from Stoneheart`s advanced guns, and kick bodyguard butt. ``Now Jeremiah, it``s your turn.`` Farah said. ``So you discover my real name, very good`` he said. ``But I’m better known as Jebadiah.`` ``Whatever`` Brian said. ``Did we miss anything?`` Paul said. ``Say cheese!`` ``NO!`` Stoneheart hollered and was frozen stiff with PLLT freeze laser blast. ``Despera, Despera!`` he yelled. ``I’m afraid she been sent back to 2159, courtesy of me.`` Amanda said. ``Don’t forget me, RICKS replied. ``Go join her in an automated maximum security jail in 2159`` Brian said and zapped him with red laser blast from his PLLT, with VICES doing her thing and transported him back to 2159 to stand trial once again. ``Congrats team, we did it.`` Brian said. ``Now we can go home, all 100 fugitives were captured along with Stoneheart and Despara in jail``.

Serene City 2159: Stone heart was sentenced to life in a special jail with him not able to get out of there ever. ``Okay VICES and RICK, sent us back to 2159.`` Brian said. ``Everyone hold hands`` VICES said. ``Ready to transport you all to 2159, locking coordinates, here we go`` and they teleported to Serene City of the future to a heroes welcome. ``You all had a good time in the past?`` asked Wiseman on their arrival.

2160: Brian and Farah were put in the virtual hall of fame in the police department in Serene City and the signs of the good deed was shown in the city from the past, having a positive look on the future. Now they to have make the future a better place free from chaos and crime, them and their allies.

The End.

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8 Jan, 2012
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