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Time of Sorrow

Time of Sorrow

By HyperInfinity

I shed a tear as her hand slips away from mine. I don't think that I can ever bear the idea or the feeling of being alone again. I cry out her name, but she just keeps walking, never looking back, with the water splashing every step of the way. The sound of the water ricochets in my head. This is horrible.
The light, reflecting everywhere, makes everything look white. The sight of her fades and fades, and so does my vision. With my eyelids weighing a ton, I let my body rest, and so then I find myself waking up to a really loud sound. The rushing of people with white coats, and some person yelling, "Doctor!", filled me with a rush of adrenaline, shock, and confusion. I look back and fix my head. There lay my wife on the hospital bed, eyes closed, tears running down her face. I notice that she has been holding onto my hand, tightly, unlike this weird dream that I woke up from.
For some reason, I shed a tear, just like in my dream. Running down to my chin, dripping onto my wife's hand. A loud, continuous beep struck my ears, her hand slipping from mine. Then the whole world went dark.

Author Notes: I am still learning to write better. Please message me with feedback that includes in what to do better, not just negative slashing.

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24 Oct, 2018
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1 min
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