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Time To Grow

Time To Grow

By monroserusher

Alyssa Walker was feeling so unhappy in her life. She fought with her parents a lot. They would argue over big and small things, i.e. when she went out for the day, they would ask her questions like, “Did you eat?” This annoyed the hell out of Alyssa. She was twenty three, not six, for God's sake! She would sometimes feel smothered by her parents because of this. She also wanted to live in the city to be closer to college and she also really loved city life but her parents knew cities could be dangerous places so they felt Alyssa was better off living at home for another while. Another aspect of her life she hated was her looks. She hated how she looked. She often described herself as “homely looking” but this was not true at all. Alyssa was a beautiful young woman with long golden blonde hair, beautiful dark brown eyes, adorable little smile, cute dimples that showed whenever she smiled, all of which combined to give her a really adorable face, amazing body and a really great dress sense. Alyssa was not a “jeans and t-shirt person” and she would very rarely be seen in a tracksuit. She would often be seen in denim shorts or skirts, shirts (mostly checkered) and ballet pumps or Ugg boots. Alyssa was also feeling depressed because of her love life. When she was seventeen, she dated Callum but he left her because she refused to sleep with him. Alyssa really liked Callum and thought he was the one for her so she was really devastated when this happened. After a while, she realised he wasn't worth her tears. She then dated Ricky for about a year but then she found out he had been cheating with one of her so called friends. Just when she thought this wasn't bad enough, it then emerged that her friend became pregnant with Ricky's baby. Alyssa felt ready to swear off men forever but she was told not to be so dismissive. Alyssa felt as if she was at a turning point in her life. All she wanted was for her life to change for the better but she felt the harder she wished for this to happen, the further her dreams seemed to be from her. One morning, Alyssa woke up expecting her day to be the same as yesterday but she had no idea what was about to happen to her

Alyssa woke up feeling really tired. She didn't feel like being bombarded with questions which was what her parents did that morning. After about four or five questions, Alyssa got really snappy and her parents told her off for her “attitude”. This resulted in Alyssa having yet another argument with her parents. When Alyssa finally made it to the city, she felt she could do with a cup of coffee, apple crumble and wholemeal bagel, which she felt she deserved after the morning she had. Luckily for Alyssa, there was a free table and she felt like she could do with her own company so she got herself this particular table. Alyssa was thinking to herself about how much her life sucked and at one point, she felt like she was going to break down and cry. However, she was forced to wake herself up when she heard someone ask her, “Miss, are you saving that seat for anyone?” Alyssa looked over at this person to give her answer and standing right in front of her was the most beautiful man she had ever looked at. This particular man had brown hair which he had cut short, the most gorgeous dark brown eyes, the most sensual lips Alyssa could see herself kissing, he also had the cutest dimples she had ever seen, he had the cutest most adorable face overall and he was wearing a blue and white check shirt, dark blue jeans and white trainers. This man reminded Alyssa of Logan Henderson from the band Big Time Rush. Not a bad thing since Alyssa did have a soft spot for him. Alyssa answered this beautiful man by saying, “Oh no, I'm not saving the seat for anyone.” The man said to her, “May I sit with you?” Alyssa smiled, “Of course.” Alyssa also noticed this man had an American accent which was a bonus since she was a sucker for American accents. She said to him, “May I ask you for your name?” The handsome man answered, “I'm Henderson McIntyre. What's your name?” Alyssa smiled, “My name is Alyssa Walker and I think it's such a pleasure to meet you, Henderson,” while shaking his hand. Henderson shook her hand and smiled, “Same here, Alyssa”

Henderson and Alyssa spent a while talking to each other. Henderson asked Alyssa questions about herself. He asked her if she was doing anything in college. She told him she was studying to be an English teacher and had a passion for reading and writing short stories. Henderson smiled and said, “I'd love to read what you wrote.” Alyssa smiled, “Thank you so much.” She also asked Henderson questions about himself. She noticed his American accent so she asked him where he was from. He told her he was from Dallas, Texas and lived there until he was eighteen. Her mentioned that he had been living in Staten Island, New York for five years and had only recently opted to move to Ireland. Alyssa asked Henderson if he was doing anything in college. He mentioned he studied law and was hoping to set up his own firm. Alyssa smiled and said, “Hope you manage to do that,” a comment which was genuine as he seemed like a really nice guy and she believed good things should happen to good people. Henderson got a really great first impression of Alyssa. He thought she was a sweet girl and he also thought she was adorable. In fact, she was the most beautiful woman she had met since coming to Ireland. Meeting Henderson gave Alyssa the boost of happiness she felt she needed. She felt like she was going to have another crappy day but then she met a really amazing guy. Henderson asked Alyssa if she had any plans for the day. Alyssa told him she was going to stay in the city for a couple more hours before going back home. Henderson smiled, “Well, why don't you hang round with me for a couple of hours?” Alyssa smiled, “I'd love that”

Henderson and Alyssa walked round the city for a while. They continued to talk for another couple of hours. Alyssa told Henderson she was still living with her parents but really wanted to move to the city. Henderson asked, “What's stopping you?” She explained about her parents and how they felt about her wanting to move to the city. Henderson said to her, “They mean well but you are an adult so you're perfectly entitled to leave home. I mean, I'm living by myself in the city but I'm doing alright so far.” This inspired Alyssa to make the decision to move to the city. She decided to hell with her parents. She's twenty three years old so she's moving to the city whether they like it or not. Later on, when it was time for Alyssa to go home, Henderson offered for her to have his number as he wanted to meet her if she was ever in the city again. She smiled at him and happily gave him her number. Henderson also gave Alyssa his number. He then walked her to her car then they said goodbye to each other

Alyssa spent the rest of the day thinking about Henderson and what he had said to her. She thought a lot about moving to the city. Fist of all, she would be arguing with her parents a lot less as she'd be seeing less of them. She would also see her friends more since they lived in the city. She would be living independently and socialising more. Also, she would hopefully get to see Henderson more often. Alyssa was still feeling really happy after her first meeting with Henderson. She thought he was really sweet and so polite and it also helped he was really handsome but not cocky about it. For her, that made him even more handsome. Henderson was also thinking about Alyssa. He wanted to give her a call but he didn't want to appear too keen. He thought she was a really sweet girl and he could not get over how pretty she was. He had met a lot of beautiful women since coming to Ireland but Alyssa was the only woman who stood out for him. He really wanted to know more about her. He wanted to know her ambitions, her interests and what made her the person she was now. That night, Alyssa lay in bed awake. She kept thinking about what Henderson had said to her. She became more determined to make that move to the city. At three in the morning, Alyssa got herself out of bed. She felt a little cold so she put on a pair of Uggs, really warm tights, denim skirt, white shirt and fake fur coat. She then proceeded to pack her bags then headed to her car and drove to the city

After Alyssa had driven to the city, she found a place to park then fell asleep in her car for a few hours. She didn't want to wake up her friends at this time of night and there was no way she could go house hunting straight away. Alyssa was woken up to a knock on her car door. She turned round to see it was her friend Suzanne. Concerned, Suzanne asked, "You okay, Alyssa?" She groggily responded, "I just woke now." Alyssa unlocked her door and opened the door to allow Suzanne to come in. Suzanne planned to go to college that day but she decided to take the day off so she could take Alyssa over to her place. Alyssa explained to Suzanne how she finally felt inspired to leave her parents' place, being careful not to tell her who inspired her. She really wanted to tell her friend about Henderson but she didn't want to push any boundaries straight away but she had plans to call him later. In the meantime, Alyssa mentioned to Suzanne that she had nowhere to live. Suzanne offered for Alyssa to stay with her for as long as she liked. Alyssa was more than happy to agree to this

Alyssa fell asleep on the couch for two hours but was woken up to a phone call from her parents. They asked her where she was and why had some of her bedroom been empty. She said to her parents, "Look, I'm not in the mood for arguing." Her parents said, "We're not either but we need an explanation." She sighed, "I'm moving out. I'm going to live with Suzanne. She said I could do this." Her mother responded, "Oh really? In that case, I think I'll be needing to talk with Suzanne. Put me on the phone to her." Alyssa handed the phone to Suzanne who talked with her about the possibility of Alyssa leaving home. Suzanne defended her friend by saying, "Alyssa is twenty three. She can't be stuck at home forever. Just give her a chance to live her life independently." Alyssa's mother reluctantly agreed for her to live independently but she had to come down to collect her things the next day

Alyssa became emotionally drained by this encounter with her parents and she felt like she really needed someone to talk to. Someone suddenly came to mind and that was Henderson. Alyssa looked through her list of numbers and found Henderson's number. She dialled his number and luckily for her, he picked up his phone. Henderson sensed from Alyssa's voice that she was feeling troubled and he felt so bad because of this. He just wanted to hug her really tightly and tell her everything would be alright. In fact, he wanted to see her as soon as he got off the phone. Neither knew where the other lived so Henderson and Alyssa agreed to meet in the city. When Henderson and Alyssa met as planned, he looked into her eyes and saw she was feeling unhappy. He really wanted to know the source of her unhappiness so he put his arm round her and asked her, "Tell me what's been troubling you." Alyssa told Henderson about how she argued with her parents and how she would have to see them again tomorrow. Henderson offered to come over to her parents' place with her but she told him, "We only just met so it really wouldn't be fair to get you involved so soon. Besides, they'd keep asking questions if you came over." Henderson hugged Alyssa and told her if she ever needed anything, he'd be there for her

Alyssa felt she could do with spending some time with friends so she invited Henderson over to her place. Alyssa worried she pushed this too far but hey, her and Henderson were just friends so there was nothing to this, was there? Suzanne was still over at the apartment when Henderson came over. Alyssa introduced them both to each other. Suzanne did think Henderson was cute but because of how badly Callum and Ricky treated Alyssa, she was wary of him. When Alyssa needed to go out for a few minutes, Suzanne told Henderson, "She's been hurt before so please, please, please I'm begging you. Please treat her well." When Alyssa came back, Suzanne observed Henderson and how he was around Alyssa. She noticed he'd smile when he was around her and how he was a total gentleman when he was with her. She didn't know whether it was too early to ask herself but was Henderson already beginning to have feelings for Alyssa? She took another look at Henderson and saw that he was taking the time to get to know Alyssa. She noted he always looked into her eyes and took an interest in her whenever she spoke so from early observation, it looked like Henderson would be really good for Alyssa

It had been a month since Alyssa met Henderson and moved in with Suzanne and Alyssa noticed some changes in her life. She was feeling a lot less smothered. Sure, she interacted with her parents on the phone but she was feeling less frustrated than she would've been when she was living at home. She was really enjoying city life as not only was she living with Suzanne but they'd go out with their friends and have nights out on the town. Alyssa was also getting to know Henderson and they were becoming really good friends with each other. They would often go over to each other's places and watch movies together, they would go out to the city for the day, go to restaurants and they'd often have long conversations with each other. As time went by, both of them would often be in each other's thoughts and they'd even have dreams about each other at night. They were both beginning to question themselves. They sad they were only friends with one another but to some people, it looked as if they wanted to be more than that. Henderson was starting to figure out that he was beginning to have feelings for Alyssa but he didn't know what to do about it

Henderson was enjoying his friendship with Alyssa but he didn’t want to ruin it by admitting he was having feelings for her. There were times when he considered telling Alyssa he saw her as more than just a friend but fear would always set in. Henderson had asked women out before and he had steady girlfriends and he never found himself getting nervous but with Alyssa, he would feel funny around her. He would always stay silent whenever she talked but that was because he took the time to listen to her. Henderson hated it whenever Alyssa was troubled. Whenever she had a disagreement with her family or was depressed about her life in general, he would feel her pain as if it was his own. He just wanted to protect her from the hardships of life. When he held her in his arms, he never wanted to let her go as he knew she would always be safe. Henderson learned from Suzanne about Callum and Ricky, Alyssa’s two ex-boyfriends and inside, he boiled with anger. He could not believe those two had such a loving, perfect woman and they both screwed her over. He found it infuriating that Callum left Alyssa because she wouldn’t sleep with him. This gave him the impression that Callum only wanted sex with Alyssa and he left her when he didn’t get what he wanted. When it came to sex and Alyssa, Henderson knew he would want to sleep with her eventually but only as part of a loving, trusting relationship. Henderson knew that if him and Alyssa were to ever start a relationship, he would never pressure her into anything she didn’t want to do and he would always wait until she was ready

Alyssa noticed that Henderson was acting a little strange around her. She saw he'd always become silent whenever she spoke. She also noticed sometimes whenever he'd see her, he would start to look away and she also observed that when he talked to her, he'd start to stammer. Alyssa really wanted to know why Henderson was acting this way. She wondered if she'd done something to make him act this way. Alyssa had a little secret she had been keeping to herself. She was also having feelings for Henderson. She didn't want to say this out of fear of her ruining their friendship. She was also scared of being hurt again. She had had two bad experiences with love and she didn't know if she could survive a third heartbreak. She didn't want to admit the true extent of her feelings for Henderson because she believed if she did, it'd set her on the road for more heartbreak. At the same time, she wanted Henderson to love her no matter what was happening in her life. It had gotten to the point where she had become strange around him. She felt so happy when he was around and empty when he wasn't. She would also tend to get nervous and sometimes feel a little stuttery. She would sometimes feel a little giddy whenever he was in her thoughts. She never experienced any of this with Ricky or Callum so this surely must have been telling her something. Alyssa didn't want to admit this out of fear or unrequited love or screwing up something wonderful but Henderson McIntyre was the man of her dreams

Unbeknownst to each other, Alyssa and Henderson had fallen for each other but didn't know how to tell one another how they were feeling. Not long after, everything started to go wrong. Alyssa saw that Henderson was receiving texts from a woman named Amy. They seemed friendly but Alyssa believed there was so much more to the texts than just friendship. She also saw him on the phone to her and she assumed he wanted to be more than just friends with her. Her heart cracked whenever she saw him interact with her. One evening, Alyssa went over to Henderson's place as she really wanted to talk to him but then she saw another girl entering his apartment. For her, things got really worse when she saw him answer the door for her and greet her with open arms. Heartbroken, Alyssa turned around and started to cry. Unknown to Alyssa, the girl was Henderson's sister Amy, who had come to see her brother. Amy wanted to pay him a visit and he also had something he wanted to share with her. Henderson told Amy he was falling in love with Alyssa and he wanted to let her know how he was feeling about her. Amy was so happy for her brother as she knew from his face he really loved Alyssa and she always hoped he would find a woman who would make him so happy

Inspired by Amy's reaction to Alyssa, Henderson felt this real sense of motivational happiness. He decided he was going to see Alyssa and tell her how he was feeling. Straight away, he went into his car and drove to her apartment. When doing this, he thought about her and everything he would say to her. He even felt happy when he walked up to her apartment door. When Henderson made it to the apartment door, he gave a knock on the door. Alyssa answered the door but when she saw Henderson standing at the door, she gave him a look of contempt then shut the door. Henderson did not know what he had done to upset Alyssa. He asked, "Alyssa, please tell me what's wrong." She cried, "You know what you've done, Henderson. Do you really need me to explain it to you?" Henderson responded, "Alyssa, if I knew what I'd done, I'd say it." She opened the door then said to Henderson, "I really thought you were different. Turns out you're just like every man out there. Did I ever really know you at all, Henderson?" Holding back tears, Henderson sadly responded, "If I knew what I'd done to upset you, maybe I'd have a reasonable explanation for my actions but I don't know what I'd done so therefore I have no explanation." Alyssa angrily said, "I never want to hear from you again, Henderson. Just get out of my sight." Alyssa closed the door then slumped down on the floor and started to cry

Henderson drove back to his apartment crying. He had no idea what he'd done to make Alyssa turn against him. When he got home, he cried really heavily. His heart was so badly crushed, he didn't care who saw him like this. Alyssa was at home in her apartment. She also felt really broken. She cared so much about Henderson but she was so convinced he was seeing another woman. She didn't want to hear his side of things as she had heard Ricky and Callum's excuses and lies before and she believed Henderson was no different. She had been in that same position twice before and she didn't want to be there a third time. Henderson thought about everything before Alyssa turned against him and he tried to figure out what he had done wrong. He couldn't see what he had done to upset her. Amy couldn't bear to see Henderson so heartbroken so she went to see Alyssa and find out why she was mad at him. Alyssa answered her door and saw Amy standing there. She gave her a really bad look and said, "I have nothing to say to you." Amy responded, "Oh yes you do. What did my brother do to make you mad?" Alyssa answered, "Who exactly is your brother?" Amy answered, "Does the name Henderson McIntyre ring any bells?"

Amy's words rang in Alyssa's ears. She started to hyperventilate and felt dizzy with shock. What had she done? She could not believe she had casted off Henderson for absolutely no reason. She needed to make things right. That night, she could not sleep. She tossed and turned due to thoughts of Henderson and what she had done to him. As soon as the light of day shone out of Alyssa's window, she got up and got herself dressed. Her nerves were really frayed so she felt she could do with getting some breakfast in order to feel relaxed. Alyssa was shaking with nerves throughout. She kept thinking about Henderson and what she needed to say to him. She decided it was now or never. She nervously drove to his place and felt herself starting to tense up. Alyssa walked over to Henderson's apartment. She gave a faint knock which he obviously didn't hear. She told herself to keep calm and relaxed and while doing this, she gave a louder knock. Henderson answered the door. When he saw Alyssa at the door, he gave her a quick glance and said, "And what are you doing here?" She responded, "I came to apologise. I got you all wrong when I said you were like every man. I made a big massive mistake. I saw you with another girl and I assumed you and her were involved. Turns out she's your sister." Henderson responded, "Ah, jumping to the wrong conclusion. How very typical of you." Alyssa started to cry, "Henderson, I'm sorry." He responded, "Well, you should be. Do you know why I came to see you that night? I came to tell you I was falling in love with you but now I know I made a lucky escape"

Henderson still cared a lot about Alyssa but he felt he needed to cut her out of his life for now. Henderson felt a clean break was best for him. He decided he was going to move back to Dallas for a while as he really needed to be with his family. Alyssa heard from Suzanne that Henderson was moving back to this US. She needed to see him not just because she wanted him to stay but also because she wanted him to know how she was feeling. Alyssa went to see Henderson again. He was packing up when she went to see him. She said to him, "Please don't let me be the reason you're leaving. If anything, please let me be the reason you're staying." He asked, "Why would I stay for you?" Almost crying, she said to him, "We could start over, get to know each other. I want us to have a life together. I know I screwed up but you need to know I care about you. Not just as a friend but someone I could get married to and start a family with. What I'm trying to say, Henderson is I love you. I love you so much and I would do everything possible for me to have a life with you." Henderson appreciated the fact that Alyssa felt this way about him but he was still hurting that she thought he was seeing another woman who turned out to be his sister and he also remembered how she handled this so he sadly told her, "I'm sorry, Alyssa. I would love this for us but if we tried having a relationship right now, it wouldn't work. I'm so sorry." Alyssa left Henderson's apartment heartbroken knowing this was her fault he felt this way

Alyssa spent the next month feeling numb with grief. She had lost Henderson. He loved her so much and she turned him against her. She looked him up on Twitter and Facebook trying to find out what he was doing at this very moment. She even tried calling him but he would never answer her. Her parents noticed the change in Alyssa. They offered for her to come back to live with them but she told them she was fine living in the city with Suzanne. Everyone commented that Alyssa was a shell of her former self. Suzanne said she felt like she was living with a stranger who looked like her friend. She tried to talk to her about Henderson but she would get angry and upset whenever she tried to do this. She distanced herself from nearly everyone she cared about. All she did was stay at home, look up Henderson on social networking sites and listen to sad music while drinking red wine. Suzanne knew it was time to take action. She told Alyssa, "I know you don't want to hear this but what if he never comes back? What if he decides to move on and get married to someone else? What I'm trying to say is don't get your hopes up for nothing." Alyssa decided she was going to try and get on with her life but she knew she would always hope Henderson would come back for her

Alyssa settled back into her old routine of going to college, meeting her friends and seeing her family. She was feeling a lot better about her life but there was no way she could fill that Henderson shaped hole in her life so she decided to put men on the back burner. Alyssa found a new distraction soon after. She was at her apartment one evening when she heard a knock on her door. She answered the door thinking it was Suzanne. However, she got a blast from the past when she saw her old friend Katie looking worse for wear. She hadn't seen her in four years after she shut her out of her life when she betrayed Alyssa by sleeping with Ricky behind her back and falling pregnant with his child. Why was she now reappearing after all these years? Alyssa heard that Katie became a heroin addict who became a prostitute to feed her drug habit but was never reported to social services so this meant she still had her son with her. Alyssa coldly said, "What do you want?" Katie begged, "Please, you've got to help me. I've got nowhere else to go. I really don't want to lose my boy. He's all I've got and I want to sort my life out for him. I know you don't want to help me but if you're looking for a reason to help me, then take a look at him," then showed her a picture of Edward, her son. Alyssa took a look at the picture of the little boy and she felt her heart melt. She always wanted to be a mom and she didn't want to close her home to him just because she held a grudge towards his mom. If anything, little Edward was the innocent victim in Katie and Ricky's betrayal so she knew she couldn't take her anger out on him. Alyssa said, "Alright, I'll do this but only for Edward"

Since Katie was a heroin addict who always wanted her next fix, the first thing Alyssa did was get her into rehab where she was treated for a month. While Katie was in rehab, Alyssa and Suzanne spent most of their time looking after Edward. They did have some level of experience looking after children of Edward's age but they'd usually spend one to two hours looking after them but with Edward, this was going to be a full time job for a while. Alyssa and Suzanne were college students so they had him attend a crèche for a few hours while they were in classes. They spent the rest of their day feeding him, making sure he always looked clean and well dressed, playing with him and bringing him out for the day. Both of them adjusted to this and bonded with the boy. Edward took a real shine to Alyssa. He even saw her as a second mom. Alyssa also took a shine to the boy and knew that because of him, she would be a great mom to her own children someday. Katie's time in rehab eventually came to an end. She looked forward to seeing her little boy. Edward was her motivation for recovery. In fact, her main worry was Alyssa and Suzanne's parenting style. She was worried about how they would be treating him. Basically, she was determined to start her life over and get back on track not for herself but for Edward

When Katie came out of rehab, she came in for meetings and regular drug tests. Not just that but she also moved in with Alyssa and Suzanne. She knew both of them would be hostile towards her because she betrayed Alyssa's trust badly a few years ago. Alyssa made sure she let Katie knew she would never be her friend again but would only be civil with her for Edward's sake. Alyssa told Katie, "Because of you, I lost my trust in men and I even ruined my one chance of happiness with a really amazing man," clearly showing she was still not over Henderson. Katie really regretted hurting Alyssa years ago but if she had the chance to change her past, she would still have slept with Ricky as he was the father of her child even though he didn't act like a father. Since Katie was living with Alyssa and Suzanne, she knew she had to pull her weight round the house by paying bills and doing work round the place. Katie got herself a job working in a salon and had plans to train as a hairdresser and get a new place for herself and Edward but those plans were put on hold for tragic reasons

Four months after Katie came out of rehab, she started to look sickly pale and became really dizzy. Alyssa became convinced she was using again so she asked her straight out, "Are you back on drugs?" Katie hadn't even thought of using since she came out of rehab so she told her straight out, "No, I haven't. I'll even get a drug test if you want proof." Alyssa took Katie to a doctor for her drug test. The test showed she had no drugs in her system but the doctor was convinced Katie was seriously ill so he advised her to go to the hospital for scans and tests. Katie went for her scans as advised. The doctor called Katie and told her to come to the hospital for her test results as he really wanted to talk to her face to face. Alyssa came with Katie to the doctor's office as she had a feeling this was serious. The doctor told both women to take a seat. Alyssa knew from the doctor's face this was not good news she would be hearing. The doctor emotionally told Katie, "I wish I had good news for you but I'm afraid it's bad news. The results came back and I'm very sorry to tell you this but it's lung cancer." Katie asked, "Can it be treated?" The doctor sadly said, "I'm afraid you're too late for treatment. You don't have a lot of time. Two months, max three months"

Alyssa began to cry when the doctor broke the tragic news to Katie. She knew she wasn't her favourite person but at the same time, she was Edward’s mom. After Katie found out she would have little time left, the first thing she did was sort out who would look after Edward. She wanted Alyssa to be Edward's guardian as not only did he really like her but she saw how well she took care of him. Katie wasn't sure how Alyssa would feel about looking after Edward full time but she knew she had to ask her. Suzanne had gone out for the night so Katie made Alyssa some hot chocolate with marshmallows and got them to talk about Edward. Katie then said, "How would you feel about being Edward's guardian?" Alyssa was shocked by this but at the same time, she really cared about Edward and wanted to make sure he was always well looked after so she agreed to do this. Katie said, "I could ask Ricky but when I told him I was knocked up, he gave me a sum of cash to get this "dealt with" but needless to say, the scumbag didn't get his wish. I haven't heard from him since and I intend for it to stay that way." Katie went to a lawyer to draw up documents stating that it was her wish for Alyssa to get custody of Edward

Katie spent some of her remaining time planning her funeral. She didn't want Edward to attend her funeral as she didn't want a young child watching something so tragic so she booked plane tickets for him and Alyssa to go to Disneyland around the time of her funeral. She always wanted to take her child to Disneyland but she knew she would never be able to do this now but she knew Edward could still go so she wanted Alyssa to be the one to take him. Katie had so many wishes for Edward but since she wouldn't be the one to see them through, she wrote those wishes on a list to give to Alyssa. In the meantime, Alyssa began to forgive Katie. In fact, she was almost glad Ricky had cheated on her. It was a strange thing to say but something positive came out of Ricky's cheating and that was Edward. Alyssa let Katie know she had forgiven her. This was something Katie wanted to hear for years but never expected to hear her say it. Before Katie came back into her life, if Alyssa was asked if she'd ever forgive Katie, she would've said, "When hell freezes over!" Now she couldn't have imagined life without her and Edward

Katie didn't want to spend all her time thinking about her inevitable death so she decided to make the most of the time left. She wanted to get a professional photographer to take a picture of herself and Edward so he would be able to treasure this when he grew up. She also spent most of her remaining time rebuilding her friendship with Alyssa and doing things with he and Edward. Alyssa knew Katie was going to die but she knew it wasn't going to be easy to face up to this. One evening, Alyssa and Suzanne planned to take Katie out to town for the night so they got a babysitter for Edward and spent the next few hours getting ready. Tragedy struck when Katie was doing Alyssa's hair. She was almost done using her curling tongs when she lost consciousness and collapsed. Suzanne immediately called for an ambulance. A crying Alyssa held Katie's hand while waiting for an ambulance. She knew Katie's time was running shorter so she started to hear the ticking of the clock going off in her head. Alyssa and Suzanne had to beg paramedics to go into the ambulance with her. At first, they refused to let them in but Suzanne told them that Katie had chosen Alyssa to be her son's guardian so they let her in. Suzanne found one of Katie's phonebooks as she knew her family had to know what was happening. For the next two days, she tried to get in touch with Katie's parents but they could not be reached. In the meantime, Katie spent her final days in a hospice where Alyssa had stayed with her for company. Katie told Suzanne to stay at home with Edward and distract him as she felt he deserved better than to see her die. Just before she died, Katie weakly told Alyssa, "Promise me one thing. Make sure my boy grows up to be nothing like his dad." Alyssa held Katie's hand and tearfully told her, "I'll keep my word." Katie's heart monitor started to go off. Alyssa knew what was happening so she called out for a doctor. The doctors immediately ran to Katie's aid but seconds later, Katie's heart monitor flatlined. The nurse announced, "Time of death, "9:55." Alyssa held Katie's hand one last time and started to cry heavily. She whispered, "I'll grant you your last wish, Katie." The nurse told Alyssa she would have to leave the hospital. It only sunk in that Katie was gone when she saw the nurse place the blanket over her dead body. Alyssa was so grief stricken that the nurse had to call Suzanne and tell her about what had happened

Suzanne drove to the hospice where she collected Alyssa to bring her home. The next morning, Katie's lawyer came to see her. He told her Katie had been in contact with him in the months leading up to her death. He let Alyssa know that Katie drew up documents which were naming her as Edward's guardian. She worried that if anyone else wished to claim guardianship of her boy, she had proof that she chose Alyssa to be his guardian. Katie's lawyer also handed her tickets to Disneyland for her and Edward, a trip she had intended for Alyssa to take around the time of her funeral. Alyssa had a feeling Katie would want her to do something like this as she had gotten the impression she wouldn't have wanted Edward to attend his mother's funeral. She knew he was almost four but she didn't want a young child watching something so gloomy. The lawyer also handed Alyssa one more item: the list of wishes she had for Edward. Alyssa read this list and became determined to grant Katie her wishes for her son. In the meantime, Alyssa decided to say goodbye to Katie one last time by attending her removal. At the removal, she met Katie's parents who hadn't seen their daughter for years. The last time they saw her, she had become pregnant with Edward and she ran away as she believed her parents would be ashamed of her. Alyssa was nervous meeting Katie's parents as she was worried they'd be angry she was their grandchild's guardian but they knew Alyssa from when her and Katie were friends and they heard she had taken really good care of her and Edward so they hugged her and thanked her for looking after her and Edward. After Alyssa said goodbye to Katie, she packed her bag and brought Edward to Disneyland as planned. Alyssa found the trip to Disneyland really rewarding as she saw the joy on Edward's face when he got to see the sights, go on the funfair rides and he especially loved the Disney stores. Alyssa felt Edward's joy rub off on her and she even enjoyed herself on the trip for the simple fact that he was enjoying himself

After Alyssa and Edward came home from Disneyland, her new life as a guardian started. Her parents knew she could struggle so they came to the city to see her and help her adjust. Alyssa was also given a list of guidelines from Katie's lawyer telling her Edward's dietary requirements, favourite hobbies, etc. Alyssa was glad to receive those as she wanted to maintain normality in the boy's life and she certainly didn't intend to upset the stability in his life. Two of Katie's favourite things to do with Edward was walk in the park everyday and get a pizza and a movie every Friday, which were things Alyssa grew to love. She was so busy she didn't give much thought to Henderson anymore. She hadn't seen him in a year so she believed it was unlikely she'd ever see him again so she got the shock of her life when he came to see her one evening. When Alyssa saw him at the apartment, she took a good look at him. He was as handsome as she remembered him to be. The first thing she did was call out his name and embrace him in a hug. Henderson hugged her back and smiled at her. Alyssa asked him if he'd like to come in. Henderson smiled at her and told her he would accept her offer. Alyssa offered to make coffee for him and have a good chat with him as they had some catching up to do. Henderson saw Edward in the apartment. He said to her, "Who's the little cutie you have in the apartment?" She introduced him to Edward but she didn't explain until later about how she came to be his guardian. Alyssa broke down when telling him about Katie. She still found it really hard to talk about her. Henderson gave her a hug and told her if she ever wanted to talk, he'd always be there. Something else had caught Alyssa's attention. She saw a ring on his finger. He saw that Alyssa took notice of the ring so he awkwardly said, "I forgot to tell you. I'm married." After Henderson came back to Dallas, he met his high school sweetheart Diana and he wanted so badly to forget about Alyssa that he proposed marriage to her and not long after, they were wed. In the present day, Henderson showed Alyssa a picture of him and Diana on their wedding day. Alyssa thought about how that could've been her married to Henderson. She also began to remember how badly she screwed up. Alyssa didn't want Henderson to see her cry so she told him she wanted some time to herself for a while

Alyssa felt that sense of grief all over again. She really did lose Henderson. He was out of her reach more than ever. She remembered when he went back to Dallas. She remembered she spent most of her time drinking and listening to sad music. She couldn't do that now as she had a child to look after. Edward had already lost his mom and the very last thing her or Katie would've wanted was to have him put in a care home so she spent all her time focused on looking after the boy. One month later, Alyssa received another blast from the past. She was preparing dinner for herself and Edward when she heard a knock on the door. To her shock and surprise, Ricky was standing at the door. Alyssa took a good look at him to make sure she wasn't dreaming. He was still that same smug perma tanned idiot with his stupid slicked back hair. What did she ever see in him? Ricky handed Alyssa a document telling her he wanted full custody of Edward. He could not believe Katie didn't let him know she had given birth to his child. He was really surprised she chose Alyssa to be his guardian. Ricky told Alyssa he would fight her in court for custody of the child. He even believed that as the boy's father, he was automatically entitled to custody of his son. Alyssa got in touch with Katie's parents and told them about what had happened. Her parents told Alyssa that they would support her at the custody hearing. She even hired Katie's lawyer to represent her. This was more than could be said for the very cocky Ricky. He believed he would get custody of Edward so he believed he didn't need a lawyer. He sunk to new lows by falsely telling social services Alyssa was abusing the child. Two social workers spent the day with Alyssa but all they saw was a loving attentive guardian who looked out for her child's best interests

On the day of the court hearing, Ricky smiled at Alyssa and told her, "Be prepared to lose." Alyssa didn't care what Ricky thought anymore. All she cared about what was best for Edward. Katie's parents found diaries from when she was pregnant. They read out certain diary entries in court. Those were diaries that revealed how Ricky walked out on Katie and tried to pay her off to have an abortion. After that, the two social workers told the court their observations of Alyssa. Suzanne even spoke to the judges about how Edward loved Alyssa and how she cared about him also. What finally influenced the court's decision was when Katie's lawyer presented one of the legal documents she had drawn up after she received her cancer diagnosis. This stated that Alyssa Walker was to receive custody of Edward and Ricky Bennett was forbidden from making absolutely no contact whatsoever with her son unless Edward stated any interest in doing so. Alyssa cried happily when the courts told her she would get to keep Edward. She knew deep down Ricky would lose the case but she had a fear she would lose custody of the little boy she loved so much but Katie made sure that when she was gone, her son would be in good hands

After the court hearing, Alyssa felt a huge weight lift off her shoulders. She knew her parenting skills would never be questioned again and Katie had made sure of this. At the same time, she was still missing Henderson even though she knew he was married. She hated herself for loving a married man but she hated herself even more for missing her chance with Henderson. Henderson was at home in Dallas thinking about Alyssa. He was a married man but he was thinking about another woman. He thought about her and Edward and he felt so proud of her as he knew she'd be a wonderful mom. He imagined he'd start a family with Alyssa but he believed this was only fantasy so he decided he wanted to have a baby with Diana. One night, Henderson told Diana straight out he wanted them to start a family. Diana was surprised by this. Her and Henderson discussed having children two months previously and they agreed now wasn't the right time. In fact, they both agreed they would both be using contraceptives for a few years. Diana wanted to know why her husband had changed his mind. She told him, “Henderson, I think we should discuss this another time." Henderson reluctantly agreed wit his wife. Two weeks after Henderson dropped the bombshell on his wife, him and Diana made a visit to Ireland. They ended up running into Alyssa. Henderson never told Diana about Alyssa so she had no idea who she was. The three of them were over at Alyssa's one night and her and Henderson were playing with Edward. Diana watched this very carefully. As she took note of this, it all came to her. The marriage proposal came straight after they reunited, Henderson was so eager to wed straight away and he had just told her he wanted a baby. Diana asked Henderson, "Do you love this woman?" Henderson told her, "I don't want to lie to you, Diana." She angrily cried, "It's a simple question, Henderson. Do you love this woman?" Henderson responded, "Yes, I love her." Diana started to cry, "Then I have no choice but to ask you for a divorce"

Henderson and Diana travelled back to Dallas separately. When Diana was in Dallas, the first thing she did was file for divorce. Her and Henderson met to discuss their divorce. They both agreed she could keep their marital home and he agreed to pay her $10,000 in spousal support. The couple met one last time in the divorce court. Henderson handed Diana the papers she had filed that he agreed to sign for her. They had discussed the terms of their divorce with the judge who accepted those terms. The couple were then granted their divorce. After the couple walked out of the courts, Diana asked Henderson if he'd like to have one last drink with her. Henderson agreed as he didn't want to part on bad terms with his ex-wife. The former couple attended their favourite bar together. Diana asked him if he'd be meeting Alyssa again. Henderson said he was hoping to meet her very soon but he didn't know if she'd feel that way about him anymore. Diana said, "I saw you both together and it's so obvious she loves you. I also saw that her little boy looks up to you. If anything, he needs a male role model in his life and I think he's chosen you." Henderson was touched by what Diana had said to him so he told her, "Thank you so much, Diana. I really really hope you find someone who is going to make you so happy. You're one of the most caring people I've ever met and you deserve so much good in your life." Diana hugged him back as she knew he meant it

Henderson decided to come back to Ireland. He not only wanted to be closer to Alyssa but he wanted to put his broken marriage behind him. When he was in Ireland, the first thing he did was meet up with Alyssa. The two of them had a glass of wine and discussed their recent troubles. Henderson told Alyssa that because he was newly divorced, he didn't want to jump straight into another relationship. Alyssa understood but as the same time, she was disappointed. Henderson decided to give himself two months as not only did he want to get to know Alyssa again but he also wanted to get to know Edward. He knew he was the most important person in her life so he knew he had to get to know him. During his two month waiting period, Henderson and Edward bonded with one another. He took the time to get to know him as a person, brought him and Alyssa for days out and he even helped Alyssa with looking after him. Katie's parents decided they would meet Henderson as they knew Alyssa had feelings for him so it was likely he would be playing a big role in Edward's life. The two of them brought him out for a meal as they wanted to know him as a person. After the meal, Katie's parents agreed that he was a really sweet caring person who had nothing but kind words to say about Alyssa and Edward. Later on, when Katie's parents had Edward for the day, he told them about how amazing and kind Henderson was. Their respect for Henderson grew but at the same time, they felt really sad as not only did they know Katie would've loved Henderson but Edward's biological father had seen him as nothing but a liability. They knew that Henderson was a real man and had taken the time to get to know little Edward so one night, they rang Alyssa to tell her they approve of Henderson, which was something that really made her happy

The problems between Henderson and Alyssa were not yet over. After the two months were over, Henderson took a look at the progress he felt he made with Alyssa. He got to know Edward and he had bonded with him and him and Alyssa were friends again. Henderson was on the phone to his father one night. His father knew from the way his son spoke he wasn't himself. He knew straight away it was because of Alyssa. Henderson's father told him he should be a man and tell Alyssa his true feelings. Henderson thought about this for a few moments but he realised it was now or never. He decided he would be a man and finally come clean to Alyssa about his true feelings. Henderson decided to surprise Alyssa by bringing her an expensive bouquet of pink and white roses, flowers he knew she loved. He thought that by letting her know he remembered something so simple, she'd be impressed. After Henderson got his bouquet, he headed over to Alyssa's place as planned. However, when he was outside her place, he saw her in the arms of another man. Henderson watched this for a few seconds then he threw the flowers on the ground and walked away. He remembered when Alyssa tried to stop him going back to Dallas. He remembered when she told him she loved him but he had responded by telling her he couldn't be with her. It had been over a year since then and a lot had happened to both of them since so for him, it looked like she was moving on. Henderson went back to his apartment and thought about what a big mistake he had made the year previously. Meanwhile, Alyssa's neighbour Will came over to visit. He liked Alyssa as more than a friend but he knew she didn't see him in that way. He knew she had feelings for Henderson and it hurt him to see she was feeling so low because of everything that happened between them. He was there that night as both a shoulder to cry on and a source of encouragement. He came over to tell her to talk to Henderson and tell him how she's feeling

Alyssa made plans to see Henderson. She decided she couldn't wait any longer to tell him her feelings. Alyssa decided that in order to get Henderson's attention, she needed to look her best so she decided to wear no make-up (Henderson once told her she looked so pretty without make-up), she curled her hair, she put on a little perfume and she wore a black dress with blue heels. Luckily for her, Suzanne was over at the house so she got her to mind Edward while she went out. Alyssa drove to Henderson's apartment feeling all those feelings she had felt for the last year. They were both single so nothing was stopping them from being together. Alyssa had finally made it to his apartment. She knocked on his door hoping he would answer. He answered the door and saw how beautiful she looked. He tried to hold back tears as he believed she was doing this for another man. Alyssa sensed something was bothering Henderson. She placed her hand on his shoulder and asked, "Henderson, is there something upsetting you?" He sadly sighed, "I really like this girl." Alyssa felt very disappointed but she didn't want to show this so she advised, "Why don't you tell her?" Henderson emotionally said, "I came over to talk to her but I saw her in the company of another man." Alyssa felt so sad for Henderson but at the same time, she felt this sinking feeling in her heart. She believed Henderson was having feelings for another girl. She tried to hold back the tears but she broke down and cried. Henderson held on to Alyssa really tightly. He wanted to know why she was so upset. Crying, she said to him, "I love this guy and he just told me he loves someone else." Not wanting to hold it in, she cried, "What the hell! I love you! I love you so much it's killing me inside!" She pushed Henderson away then ran out of his apartment and drove back home

Henderson took in what Alyssa said. He knew he couldn’t miss his chance again so he knew there was only one thing to do. Go and see her. When doing this, Alyssa’s words kept playing in his mind. He had always hoped she would tell him she loved him. She did tell him her feelings before but he told her it wouldn’t have worked out were they to started a relationship then. This was something Henderson went on to regret. It made him fearful that because he had previously rejected her love, she’d move on and find someone else. However, this obviously wasn’t the case as she had just told him her feelings for him. Henderson saw Alyssa’s car was over at her place so he knew he definitely had a chance of seeing her. Henderson knocked on her door. Alyssa came over to the door to answer. She sadly said to him, “What do you want, Henderson?” Henderson responded, “I wasn’t completely honest with you. The woman I love told me her feelings but before I could get a chance to respond, she ran home. Here I am now hoping to finally win her heart.” Alyssa was stunned. She did not know what to say. Was she dreaming? Did Henderson just tell her how he was really feeling? Alyssa said, “Tell me again, Henderson. Tell me how you’re feeling.” Henderson held Alyssa’s hand, looked into her eyes, smiled at her and said to her, “Alyssa Walker, I love you. I love you and want us to have a life together.” Alyssa smiled at Henderson then began to cry tears of joy. She trembled, “I love you so much, Henderson McIntyre. I love you and In also wish to have a life with you.” Henderson touched Alyssa’s face then he started to kiss her. She then kissed him back then they put their arms round each other and they started to kiss each other in intense passion

Since that night, Henderson and Alyssa took their time in their relationship. They took things slowly as they didn’t want to get too steady straight away. They took their time to get to know each other as people and they also wanted to make sure Henderson and Edward took the time to bond with one another. Alyssa felt this was important as both her and Henderson agreed Edward needed a male role model in his life. Henderson was more than happy to be a role model for Edward. He was an important person in Alyssa’s life and he also wanted to be a part of both his and Alyssa’s lives. Edward wasn’t the only focus in their relationship. Henderson and Alyssa both went on dates and they met each other’s families. Alyssa was really nervous meeting Henderson’s family because of what previously went down with Alyssa and Amy. The two women took some time getting to know each other. At first, Amy felt a sense of mistrust towards Alyssa because of what had happened previously but after a while, the two girls became friendly with one another. As for Alyssa’s parents, they had their concerns because of how badly Callum and Ricky treated Alyssa and they also didn’t like them while they were dating her but soon after meeting Henderson, they began to feel relaxed. Alyssa’s parents remembered Callum and Ricky to be two pig headed men who loved staring at their own reflection in the mirror. With Henderson, they saw the total opposite. They saw a sweet, polite young man who treated their daughter and her child really well. Another thing they noticed was that Henderson was unaware of how handsome he was. When they commented on his good looks, Henderson blushed and said, “I’m flattered by the compliment but I wouldn’t rate myself very high in the looks department.” Henderson said he didn’t think about his looks very often but he did count himself as being lucky as he was with Alyssa and he was the man she had chosen to be with

Henderson and Alyssa had been seeing each other for seven months when they received news that would change both their lives forever. It had been one year since Katie died so the couple attended her anniversary mass. In the days leading up to the mass, Alyssa was feeling really unwell, she had started to feel more tired than usual and she was also looking really pale. Naturally, Henderson became concerned about Alyssa’s well being. He advised her to see a doctor but she didn’t want to do this until after the mass. At the mass, Alyssa was feeling a slump in her energy levels so she held on to Henderson really tightly when the couple were going to Katie’s parents’ house for the mass. Katie’s parents also noticed Alyssa looked unwell. They told her that maybe she should consider seeing a doctor. Alyssa said she didn’t want to do this as she didn’t want to look bad by skipping the anniversary mass. However, Alyssa started to feel dizzy again. She was starting to feel faint. Katie’s parents advised Henderson to take her to a doctor straight away even if she’s to miss the mass. Henderson agreed to do this but while they were gone, they were to look after Edward. Henderson brought Alyssa to see her doctor. While they were waiting, she curled up next to him. Alyssa was starting to fear she was dying. She cried, “Henderson, I think I’m dying. Will you look after Edward when I’m gone?” Henderson tried to reassure her by telling her she wasn’t dying but he knew it was fruitless as she was really upset. Henderson came with Alyssa to the doctor’s office. He described her symptoms and while doing this, he held her hand to offer her some form of comfort and support. Then doctor told Alyssa he needed to take a blood sample. She started to freak out as that would involve using a needle. Henderson was by Alyssa’s side when the doctor was getting the blood sample. He felt so much sympathy for her. He felt so awful for her as the woman he loved so much was feeling so much discomfort right now. The couple waited an hour for Alyssa’s test results, an hour which they felt was the longest in their lives. Henderson and Alyssa were called back into the doctor’s office. The doctor told Alyssa, “I have your results, Miss Walker.” Alyssa nervously asked, “Is it bad?” The doctor said, “You’re not dying but you will need to make regular visits to your doctor.” A confused Alyssa asked, “What do you mean I’ll need to make regular visits to my doctor?” The doctor told Alyssa, “You’re pregnant”

Alyssa started to cry tears of joy. She could not believe she would be bringing a child into the world. A child she and Henderson made together. Alyssa looked over at Henderson to see his reaction. He smiled at her and told her, “I love you so much, Alyssa Walker.” Placing his hand on her belly, he said to their baby, “I love you so much.” The couple walked out of the doctor’s office feeling so happy. They could not believe they were going to be parents. The couple went back to Katie’s parents’ place where they shared their happy news with people. Everyone was really happy for the couple. Edward was really happy as that meant he’d have a baby brother or sister. The couple received more good news shortly after. They were told they would be having twins. The couple prepared for the arrival of their babies by moving into a house together and setting up a nursery for the twins. Henderson looked after Alyssa really well while she was pregnant. He attended her doctor’s appointments with her, he made sure she was getting plenty of rest and regular exercise, he also made sure she ate really well, he made sure she didn’t overwork herself and he also snuggled up next to her whenever she felt unwell. Alyssa felt so unattractive throughout her pregnancy and because of this, she feared this would make Henderson go off her. She also feared he would find other women more attractive. Henderson did get offers from women when he’d go out with friends but he told them, “I have the most beautiful perfect girlfriend and she’s also the mother of my beautiful children.” This obviously showed his loyalty to Alyssa and the family they were starting together. When Henderson let Alyssa know he’d choose her over any other woman, Alyssa knew she had definitely found the right man

When Alyssa was six months pregnant, Henderson asked her to marry him. Some believed he only asked her because she was carrying his babies. There was some level of truth to this but his real reason for wanting to marry her was because he loved her so much he possibly couldn’t wait forever to ask her. Henderson surprised Alyssa by taking her out to the best restaurant in town where they got the best table in the restaurant. Henderson went down on one knee and presented Alyssa with a beautiful pink diamond ring then he asked her to marry him. Alyssa had no idea Henderson would do this but she loved him so much so she told him, “Henderson McIntyre, I’ll be your wife.” The couple wanted to be married before the babies were born so they didn’t have long to prepare for their wedding. Luckily, they got help from their friends and family to plan their wedding. On the morning of the couple’s wedding day, both of them were really nervous. This was Henderson’s second marriage so he was worried this wouldn’t work out either but he remembered he never had the same feelings for Diana that he had for Alyssa. This also reminded him this time, he was marrying for love. Alyssa was freaking out because she feared Henderson didn’t want to go through with this. Alyssa worried that because she was heavily pregnant, she’d look awful. However, everyone who saw the bride referred to her as the most beautiful pregnant woman they ever laid eyes on. When Henderson saw Alyssa walk up the aisle on their wedding day, he knew this time, he had gotten it right. He knew this time, he was marrying the woman he was destined to spend the rest of his life with

A month after their wedding, Henderson and Alyssa were getting ready to start a new chapter in their lives: the birth of their babies. The morning Alyssa went into labour, she had gotten very little sleep the night before so Henderson allowed her to sleep in while he’ll get Edward ready for school. Alyssa rested in bed for a while but then she realised her waters were starting to break. Realising what was happening, she called Henderson and told him before he does anything, get a babysitter for Edward. Katie’s parents were on holiday, Alyssa’s parents were at work and so was Suzanne so Henderson got their neighbour to look after Edward. When Henderson found a babysitter, he immediately drove home and brought Alyssa to the hospital where he stayed by her side through her whole fifteen hour labour. Childbirth was the most painful thing Alyssa ever experienced but it was worth it because when it was over, she was holding her two beautiful babies in her arms. Henderson and Alyssa became parents to a baby girl named Lyla and a baby boy named Ethan, both of whom entered the world being loved so much by their adoring parents. Today, Henderson and Alyssa McIntyre are now the proud parents of three children: Edward and four month old twins Lyla and Ethan. Henderson now works as a lawyer and Alyssa plans to start teaching in the next few months. The couple have plans to get a new house in the next couple of years but right now, they are so happy in their life together. They are determined to give their children the best upbringing possible. In fact, Henderson is planning to legally adopt Edward as he still wants to be part of Edward’s life is something was to happen to Alyssa. This is something which Katie’s parents gave their full support as they know Henderson is such a loving father and would do anything for his children. Henderson and Alyssa are surrounded by a circle of loving friends and family, they’ve found emotional and financial security, they have plans for the future and they’ve got a happy, healthy beautiful family they love so much with plans to extend in the future. Henderson and Alyssa McIntyre may have had their hardships but it was worth it because today, they are so happy in their lives together

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