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Time to love (korean drama)

Time to love (korean drama)

By sweetmoon

The late sunday nights of may touch ae-cha skin as she walk though the desert. She onces dream that life was more like a romance but she never knew that she had to lose her best friends in order to love. Ara and Ae-cha have been friends since they were kids but they both fell in love with the same man.

Ae-cha woke up in her old apartment, and mean , selfish yet adorable to others. Ara was still sleeping in the other bed. Ara was sweet, nice and kind to others. Ever since college they move together. Ara got up as well and groan from her back pain," Shit Ara, can't you be more quite?" Ae-cha said in the most horrible way at their eyes met. "I'm sorry Ae-cha i didn't mean to offend you with my groan" Ara said in a sweet way while still looking at Ae-chan but she ignore her and walk away to the bathroom. Ara looked down at the ground, the wood was wet and she could see her reflesion on it. Then she walk to the kitchen and started making her cook meal that she made every morning for her and Ae-cha.
By the time ae-cha got out she found the food ready and set at the table to eat, Ara walk over to the bathroom when suddently, Ae-cha told her "Wait, where is my drink? Ara i need my fucking coffee!". In pain of her words, Ara made coffee and set it on the table and finally she change in the bathroom.

The clock of the school bell rang. Both girls went to each of their classes but they both stop to look at the new guy of school. He was tall, white clothes with a bangs that close his eyes, unable others to see his eyes. Ara walk to class as soon as all the girl cover him with sweet love. "He is cute, mind if i have him? hahaha! Ara you will never have a man so stop dreaming about him. Ara looked down in pain as ae-cha said those words.

(sorry i dont have much time, ill promise to continue later, please like it!)

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1 Apr, 2011
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