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“It’s your last chance. You can submit or face Death.” It stood in front of me. It was huge, it looked like the body of crab with a human torso coming out of where the crab’s head would have been. It was about the size of a large truck for the torso, and the size of an average car for its torso. It tried to stop me. My mission could not be prevented. I pushed myself up with my sword. It was a great sword, and I used it two handed. I was the best of my city, of my country. All would fall if I failed.

“I would die before I submit. Death will fall before me.” I raised my sword again and pointed it at the beast. “And you will fall first.”

The monster charged forwards after me. I rolled under it as six huge spider-like legs stomped next to me. It slowly turned around after me but I launched myself at its rotating side and grabbed. One of its arms grabbed me and threw me to the ground. I felt all of my bruises flair up as I was slammed into the dirt. The other hand of the monster raised his sword. I jumped out of the way as it cleaved into the ground and stuck. It used both hands to pull it out, but I was already in action. I slashed at its legs, and cleaved through one. It stumbled, but did not fall. The sword came out of the ground with a loud SHING as the monster scuttled away from me. It turned again, limping this time.

“You pathetic mortal. You cannot kill me. I am as immortal as time itself!” It laughed into the sky and grabbed its sword and prepared.

“Well, if you’re as immortal as time itself, then this should be easy.” I concentrated and blinked. Everything froze. The monster stood there reared for another strike, sword prepared to come down upon me. I casually walked forward to it, and stabbed it up through its chest. I concentrated once more time, closed my eyes, and focused on manipulation. I could feel myself stabbing it in the past, present, and future. I opened my eyes to see ash floating softly down to the ground. That should be the last trial, the last stopper. He should be next. I couldn’t let him win.

I walked forward past the miniature arena formed in the rocks. The next area was in the mountain itself. Inside Death Mount. A little on the nose if you ask me. Many have tried to travel here. I have seen bones from those who have tried, but they stopped here. There was a single door in front of me. A single door to a single room. I pushed it open to see her, sitting on a throne of skulls.

“It’s been too long.” She looked at me, she expected me. Tears started to stream from my face. I was finally here. My quest finally over. I had what I wanted, I had her back. I rushed forward and hugged her. I was blinded by my warmth and didn’t see the absence of hers. I looked into her eyes and saw big pupils. In fact, only pupils. I pushed myself away right before the black wings coming out from her back wrapped around me.

“YOU MONSTER!” I yelled at him. There was no her.

“You wanted your wife, here she is.” His voice was cold, unfeeling.

“I know that isn’t her you monster. You just take her over like a vessel!” I was yelling still. Rage controlled me more than I knew it could.

“She is right here as you wanted. Did you ask for something else?” Death summoned a large scythe into his hands. I drew my sword.

“I asked for her pure.” I slashed down onto Death but he flew back a bit.

“This will be fun. I can’t wait to see how mortals deal with death a million times over.” Death slashed at me with his scythe. I parried.

“You could try, but I would be surprised if you could ever feel a thing. I zig-zagged near him before stabbing into one of his wings. I pulled out to see that the wound had already healed. There was only one way. I knew it, but refused it.

“You think that your mortal weapons can hurt me?” Death slashed down with his scythe, missing me on purpose. The scythe broke the floor and created a huge scar that spanned the room. Some figures crawled out of it. My dead family.

“You could have a family reunion. You could be with all those that you have loved and lost.” Death cackled as the dead faces of them stared at me with dead eyes. Tears welled up in my eyes as I dispatched them. One by one, slash by slash.

“Why would you do this?! For just one mortal?! Why won’t you give favors?!” I yelled up to Death as his wings grew a bit larger.

“It is fun to play games, isn’t it?” Death loosened his grip on his scythe. He knew what I had to do.

“JUST!” I slashed once at death. “LET!” I slashed again. “ME!” Once more. “HAVE!” Another slice. “HER!” Again. “BACK!” I stabbed into Death

Tears were now streaming down my face. I suddenly realized what I had done. I wanted to kill him too much. I did it. I opened my eyes to see 5 slash marks and my sword in Death. They didn’t heal. I hit him in all time. The wings disappeared as I could see Death leave her body. I rushed over and kneeled next to her as I grabbed her in my arms.

“Don’t leave me.” I started crying again as I could see her eyes start to open. I could feel her muscles weaken as I held her tighter

“I just got you back, you can’t leave.” I started begging as she smiled a weak smile up at me. I ruffled my hand through her hair. It was still as soft as when I met her.

“Please no. Please stay with me.” My tears dripped down onto her face as her feet started to turn to dust. She opened her mouth to speak.

“n… never forget.” She spoke softly. She smiled at me and closed her eyes. I pulled her up to hug her, but only felt dust.

I tried to collect the dust. Maybe I could save her. There had to be a way there had to! I stopped moving and laid down and cried. I laid there for as long as I could remember. I had travelled the world and killed Death. Everything for naught. I clumsily picked up my blade with shaking hand. What was life without her? I felt the blade slide through my heart as I concentrated. If she was to be timeless, so was I. I fell down next to the remains of her dust. My body weakened as I could feel myself disintegrating. My last though echoed through the caves. It rippled through existence.

What is life without love?

Author Notes: "What is life without love?"
-My motto.

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17 Feb, 2019
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