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Times Gone By
Times Gone By

Times Gone By


“How much longer will it be?”

“We start getting them oxygen tomorrow. Seeing how that goes, we’ll continue to work on their internal systems. I estimate it to be about three months until they wake if all goes smoothly.”


The head ruler continued down the narrow hallway. With his smaller build, Dr. Barrow hurried to keep up with the leader, lab coat fluttering as he quickly walked. “What should we tell the public?” he asked.

Pausing, the head ruler tilted his head in consideration. “Keep it silent for now. They will be told eventually, but not until our outcome is certain.”

Dr. Barrow nodded his head in agreement. “Is everything ready for the individuals’ arrival?”

“Almost. Our teams are finishing up the last little details, but all arrangements should be done well before the twenty-two-hundred wake.”

The two continued onward, passing teams of scientists on their way to their different patients. Each patient within the facility required doctors within the highest field, ranging from brain specialists to internists, all working to ensure that their patients’ figures can sustain life once more.

This project was many lifetimes in the making-- five-hundred-twenty-three years to be exact-- and all the work put into it was about to be shown.

A wave of guilt flashed across Dr. Barrow’s round face that the head ruler didn’t fail to notice. “How many lost?” the ruler asked, slowing his pace.

“Too many,” the doctor answered. “Over three hundred as of last week. These times leading up to the end will be the hardest. Many more will likely be lost before waking.”

The ruler stopped with shock at the large number. He faced the doctor with a grave expression, “Will the end result still be met?”

“Hard to tell now,” the doctor answered, continuing. “We’re still working on it.”

“But all that work will be for nothing if they’re all gone,” the ruler growled out.

Arriving to their destination, Dr. Barrow hurried to get his passkey. Steps echoing with the sudden silence, the two walked up to an isolated door, that only a few could get through. Dr. Barrow swiped his card on a pad. A small green light flashed over the door frame, and the door was unlocked.

“Right this way,” Dr. Barrow led the ruler in. “This is our outcome so far. It’s not finished, of course, but it’s a start.”

The large room was empty apart from a tall stand in the center. On it stood a large vial filled up to the brim with a dark liquid.

“We can only finish it after the awakening,” the doctor continued. “The twenty-two-hundred alone will be life-changing.”

The ruler said nothing, continuing to stare at the darkness within the vial.

“Of course, they can’t be called that anymore. We’ll have to figure out a different name.”

The ruler walked up to the stand, and circled it, examining it as he went.

“Such a small thing, with such a large meaning,” he observed.

“It’s phenomenal,” the doctor said.

“And this could be the answer?” the ruler asked, walking back to Dr. Barrow.

“We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Author Notes: Sorry if it doesn't make sense yet. It's just a start right now... Hope you enjoy reading it!

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About This Story
13 May, 2020
Read Time
2 mins
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