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Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything

By Danig86 - 1 Review

Honey was 30 years old and craved to meet someone she could eventually settle down with and spend the rest of her life with.

Honey had lived an exciting life so far travelling, partying and socialising with a vast group of friends, but she longed to meet the right man and it was something that was constantly on her mind.

She watched as her close circle of friends who were all loved up and although she was extremely happy for them a little part of her was jealous.

Honey throughout her life had short relationships with men which all started with her Father who was away alot when she was younger so her memories of a father figure were non exisitant. She remebers wanting her father to pick her up from school and and spend quality time with her but it just never worked out that way despite her fathers good intentions.

When Honey was 8 her parents divorced and she remebers being heart broken but due to her age didn't fully understand why. Her Mother met someone else and he had a big part in the rest of her child hood but he was a violent and misunderstood man who at times could be hard work to live with and this affected Honey greatly. Her step father could at times show signs of the father figure she craved but this was shortly out lived.

Honey pushed it to the back of her mind and in her head like the Disney films thought that one day she would meet her prince and live happily ever after.

When she turned 18 she met her first Boyfriend who sweeped her off her feet like young love does and for 2 years she was happy with the young man but as time moved on they grew apart and the relationship ended.

Honey struggled greatly with this even though she was 21 and still had a life to live she couldn't understand how someone who had said how much they loved her and could end it and find someone else within a month of their relationship ending.

This was the first time Honey started to doubt herself and made changes to her appearance and personality. She started going out all the time drinking and having one night stands and after would cry to herself as she knew that by acting this way she was only mentally harming herself and knew she was worth more than to do that but it continued to spiral.

Honey continued throughout her twenties to meet the wrong type of men that would either use her or gravitate to her desperation to meet the nice man she craved so much. Some would lead her on with false hope then drop her like a lead ballon when ever they felt like it creating more issues and self doubt.

Each time Honey would hope it would be the last time and her close friends were always concerned. She went to work away thinking maybe she would meet some foreign interesting man that would be different. That would be the romantic she always dreamed of and she did.

He was Italian and an officer for a ship dressed in white walking into the lift when she first locked eyes on him. He was very charming and polite and over the next few weeks she bumped into him each time they would exchange in conversation. One night there was a party and he was there and he asked her to dance. They had the best time and danced for ages. She felt like she was the only girl in the room as they whirled around laughing and smiling.

He continued to charm her with his words of broken English saying how he had never met a girl like her before. Weeks went by until one day he was transfered elsewhere and although they had spent a magical time together he made it clear he may not see her again due to his work commitments.

One day out of the blue Honey received and email from Marco inviting her to his home in Sorrento Italy. Honey couldn't belive it and snapped up the opportunity to go and see him. They spent 5 days together having the best time and Honey didn't want to leave.

They kept in contact everyday and he promised that one day they would be together until suddenly Honey was contacted by Marco's ex girlfriends friend to warn Honey that Marco was in regular contact with her and they were planning on being together.

Honey's world came crashing down. Yet again she had been used and made feel like such an idiot. Honey felt like everything Marco had ever said was a lie and how would she ever believe anyone again.

Honey fell back into the same pattern of meeting time wasters and her confidence continued to be crushed.

Honey was on a dating site when she started talking to a man called Christian and staright away the conversation flowed well and after a week of chatting daily by message and phone they had their first date.

Honey was used to making the effort but this time Christian arranged to pick up Honey and take her out which gave her butterflies by the small kind gesture she just wasn't used to. When Christian arrived he greeted her with a peck on the cheek and opened the car door for her. Honey felt instantly relaxed and at ease and they had the best first date laughig joking and dancing.

Honey continued to speak and see Christian but after a short time Christian became ill and had a few stressful situations one being his grand-dad taking ill. Honey took a step back to give Christian space but her gut feeling could sense something wasn't right.

Honey confronted Christian who advised his head was all over the place. Honey knew before he met her Christian had been in a serious relationship but she didn't know the full extent of why it had ended. Christian was kind hearted soft and lovely that she wondered what could have gone wrong. Christian explained that it had been a bad break up and alot had happened.

He told Honey he needed more time and didn't realise how he would feel when he met her. He said she was the most beautiful, funny and kind girl he had met and maybe he was being stupid by needing some space.

Honey's heart sank but she knew it was the right thing for them both as she wanted to make sure the next relationship she got into was stable and a happy one.

Christian advised he wanted to keep intouch and see how things were later down the line. A little bit of hope Honey could cling onto as she relly did feel she had met the man of her dreams but timing is everything........

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20 Mar, 2017
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