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Titanfall 2: Stolen Titans Chapter 1
Titanfall 2: Stolen Titans Chapter 1

Titanfall 2: Stolen Titans Chapter 1

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Elton Saxe was quiet as he walked down the empty hall. He had just left lunch with a bad feeling in his gut. He shrugged the feeling off and just kept walking. The Militia had not had any severe battles ever since Pilot Jack Cooper and BT 7274 had saved the day, so Saxe didn’t know why he was feeling so nervous.

“PILOT ELTON SAXE, PLEASE REPORT TO THE BRIEFING ROOM IMMEDIATELY.” A loud voice said from the overhead speakers.

Saxe immediately turned and started to jog back the way he came. He passed the mess hall and ran up a flight of stairs. Why do they need me? Saxe asked himself as he went. He stopped in front of the briefing room doors and knocked.

“Come in,” Someone said from the other side of the door.

Saxe walked in and found Commander Sarah Briggs waiting for him.

Saxe soluted, “Commander Briggs.”

“Pilot Saxe,” Briggs said, stepping out from behind her desk. “I have brought you here because I have a very important mission for you.”

“Yes, Commander.”

“You and a few other pilots will be going to a thug base on an unexplored planet. The thugs just recently stole 15 of our best titans.”

“How?” Saxe said in surprise.

“We don’t know,” Briggs replied. “It’s your job to bring back as many of the titans as possible. You will undoubtedly have to destroy some, but that is unavoidable. Just bring back as many as you can. Do you understand?”

“I understand, but why me? Why not someone more experienced, like Jack Cooper?”

“Cooper is on his own mission, and you and your Legion have a reputation for being able to fight more than one titan at once. That will be useful.”

“Who are my companions?”

“You may choose, probably those other pilots you usually go into battle with. Let me think, Shawn Mcintyre, Miles Bowman, and what was the other one’s name?”

“Nicolas Ranger,” Saxe helped.

“Yes, you will leave tomorrow.”

“Yes Commander,” Saxe soluted and exited the briefing room.


“Wow!” Said Mcintyre, he had always been the most eager for adventure in the group. “Someone steals some titans and they choose us to get them back!”

“Technically,” Bowman said. “They chose Saxe. He just, willingly or not, hangs out with us, so we get to join in on the fun.”

“Can you guys be quiet for just a moment?” Ranger said quietly. “I’m trying to think.”

Mcintyre laughed, “You’re always thinking. You just sit in your corner, brooding about might and might not happen.”

“True,” Ranger shot back. “But I won’t be the first one to die. You guys just run in and try to blow things up.”

“But I have a Tone, and Mcintyre has a Scorch, so we have to blow things up!” Bowman said. “You just sit up in the sky with your Northstar, shooting things from a few hundred yards away.”

“It’s not that far,” Ranger said. “And I still do close-range attacks.”

Mcintyre’s eyes lit up, “You mean you still do close-’Ranger’ attacks”

Ranger just groaned while Mcintyre and Bowman both laughed. Just then, Saxe walked into the room.

“You guys need to get some sleep,” He said. “We have a mission tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir!” Mcintyre said, laughing as he saluted. “Your the leader in this mission, so I guess we have to do what you say.”

Saxe just rolled his eyes, “I mean it, we have a long day tomorrow.”

Author Notes: I love Titanfall 2, and I can't wait to continue.
*All characters are made up, except for Commander Briggs, Jack Cooper, Bt 7274, and the names for other Titans*

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