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To Have A Broken Heart

To Have A Broken Heart

By pscho_blonde

Rosey felt akward and different as she walked over to talk to Justin.Justin has been her best friend forever and over the years she had grown to like Justin.Love even.And now she,Rosey Adverez, was going to tell Justin how she felt.
She walked up and tapped him on the shoulder.
"Justin,can I talk to you?"Rosey asked shyly."Ya know, alone?"
"Yea.Of course Rosey."Justin said."What up?"
"Justin I........"
Just when Rosey was about to tell him, the cheer captin, Selena, walked up and kissed Justin on the lips, something Rosey had dreamed of for years.
"Oh yea, Rosey you know Selena right?"Justin asked as he slid his hand around her waist.
All Rosey could do was nod.
"Well we are kinda dating now."
He said it like he didnt care that those words broke Rosey's heart.
Rosey turned and began to run, about the same time the tears started rolling down her cheeks and fell off her chin.rosey ran straight, heading in the woods.She ran for what felt like forever.Rosey finally fell, completly out of breath.She was so stubid.she gave Justin all her love and her heart.And all she gets in return is a broken heart.Rosey lay there for hours.Finally,it began to get dark.rosy began to roam around.She couldnt find her way out.

Justin droped a rose on Rosey's grave.they found her dead in the woods,frozen to death."I love you."Justin wispered."I always have."I'm such a loser,Justin thought.I should of told her.With tears streaming down his face, he threw the engagment ring he was going to give her down into the dark hole,were Rosey now lay.

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10 Oct, 2009
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