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To My Brother

To My Brother

By Ghost

Dear brother,

You ran away
You left us here
You left us scared
You wouldn't believe it if I said we cared
But we do

We didn't know you'd flee
We'd hope to never hear the CHP again
Now you got a case for yourself
When will it be enough?

What drives you to go to such lengths?
What pain could you be enduring under your fiery exterior?
You wont ever explain why you feel the way you do
We cant figure out what pushes you to such actions
We simply look out and see you're gone

I know we fight
We bicker and quarrel
More often than not we'll shout and yell
(thankfully we rarely come to blows)
But thats us
Thats how we function
We sort out our problems in these battles

So who are you fighting now?
Have we lost you forever?
Will you return to us as someone we knew?
Or will you be a stranger, someone changed beyond our recognition?

Wherever you are I hope you realize
We are family
We might not be the best of brothers
But we're all we got
Nobody else will put up with you like us
Nobody else would go to hell and back for you if you asked

I hope you realize the bond you have with us
You cant destroy it just look at Shawn
Abusive prick that harmed us all and we still call him family
Hope you come home when you get tired of running
You know we will always be here for you
We won't hate you or be mad
(well maybe our parents will for a spell)
We will just be happy you came back
So please come home John

Your older brother

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3 May, 2019
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1 min
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