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To my next bae
To my next bae

To my next bae

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To my next bae

Future bae even though I have not yet met you the bible says "love is patient" to prove my love is real i will wait for you and trust God's timing. Future bae am pretty sure you are the most beautiful girl that ever lived in this planet. An angel sent from up above. They say there are no perfect people in this world but I believe me and you we will be perfect for each other. We will do more than spend time together, we will share worlds, experiencing moments as one and because of that i desperatelty need to explore this entire planet with you.I've spent a large part of my past in fear of the future but i know when i will be with you i will feel safe.Tomorrow looks like an adventure, I imagine love with you feels like being lost not knowing exactly where i am but what i know is that anywhere with you will be exactly where i wanna be.

I'm not sure how you will look like but i know we will love like we were the last two people on earth and i will remind you how to forget about a past that hasn't treated you as well as our future will.Since we're going to be together i want you to understand that this relationship Isn't going to start in emotions,I'd like it to start as a decision I need you to decide to love me in the same way that someone decides to eat everyday

I need you to understand that in every relationship there are obstacles and we going to conquer all of them together as a team. I want you to know that if this relationship will not end in marriage then it will not end at all. I need you to be understanding because some days i don't know myself, so I know I'll be hard to recognize. i spend most of my day in my head overanalyzing almost everything. I know I'm weird I'm learning to love that about myself I also got a big ass heart that is used to loving wrong people, i deal with depression pretty heavy sometimes that I have really bad anxiety but at the same time I'm a people person l'm trying to understand how I'm such a contradiction but maybe you'll learn to love me as i am,the same way I'm learning to love myself.

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22 Feb, 2021
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2 mins
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