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To My Older Brother
To My Older Brother

To My Older Brother

penquin_feetRachel Elizabeth
2 Reviews

Knowing you has felt like a lifetime in less than a year and I wouldn't change a second. You're a joy to talk to even though you sometimes drive me crazy (which I know you do on purpose). Despite that, I know you would do almost anything to help me and all of the things you've already given me do not go unnoted (especially the math help :). Thanks for introducing me to my new favorite author, I'm totally in love with all his books. You were also present on my favorite night of my life which is pretty cool.

You don't know anything of my past or the drama of my present but you don't need to to be friends with me and you are the only person I talk to who knows me that way. Same could be said about how I know you. That's really special to me.

So though I don't see you as much as I wish I did I still am so happy that dance class let us meet :)

Author Notes: Hazel totally agrees with me I'm sure <3

March 8: update to all you who may be wondering, said brother did end up reading this :)

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Rachel Elizabeth
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4 Jan, 2022
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