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To a Pop A Bubble

To a Pop A Bubble

By Meggie120

For years she has lived in a shell. Believing she wasn’t loved by any one. Not just because of her appearance but for her personality. She wasn’t ugly; she had beautiful green eyes that turned a strange shade of lime green in the sun. Long light brown hair that had the perfect waves and texture. Her personality though; soft in the outside but terrible in the inside. She dreamed of changing and opening up to someone; a difficult challenge yet to be overcome. Boys liked her. These were boys liked her for who she was. They were all nice and gentlemen to her. Boys who could have loved her. There was one in particular. One she had broken his heart in a more painful way that she had to all the others. He was attractive, confident and he trusted her. She felt something special for him. But was scared and so when her decision had to be made between two guys, she chose the popular one over the attractive and confident guy. She dated the popular guy for a few weeks, ended up breaking his heart too. She decided to stop dating. Boys came and went in her life. Making a list of the hearts she had had disappointed, she listed 20 by the age of 17. She realized it wasn’t the boys who were the problem; but her. She couldn’t love. She couldn’t even say those 3 words to her parents. She sometimes wondered what would of happened if she said “yes” to the attractive and confident boy, instead of the popular one. Maybe she would still be with him. Maybe her heart would of gotten broken…She preferred that a million times more than never have loved. To this day she sits, and waits, hoping a guy will come a long. A guy who will teach her to love and care. So the lesson here is to open up, take chances and don’t be afraid get hurt. Because those falls will help shape your life and make you stronger. Life isn’t about being in a bubble. Life is about popping the bubble.

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20 Dec, 2011
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