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to save her

to save her

By lovedays

No one had ever loved me. No one ever had cared about me. They all hated me, well at least it felt. They spoke words of happiness, bu there faces said onther thing. They all lied to me, they betrayed me. I was all alone on the side of the street now,nowhere to go. I had to run, away because my mom had tried to kill me. She had already gotten away with it once. My poor sister, she had never seen it coming. All she had to do was get rid of me.
I was the thing in the way of her money. She would get money from my nanny, acussing her of my murder. But i wouldn't let that happen. My dad had beaten me, while my mom sat back and watched.One day she finally kicked him out, wanting more money.
So here i was,with my Vans, alone on a curb, sticking my thumb out hoping i could get a ride to a place where i could find a place to sleep.
Then a handsom looking guy came up, he looked about fifteen, my age.
"Hey,"he said, his black hair in his eyes.
"hi....i'm sorry to be rude, but why did you just come up to me? are you some kind of pedifile. Oh no, you could'nt be, i probally look like crap." What i had said was true, i hadn't taken a shower in aout a week. Which was very bad for me since my hair is very oily.
"I don't think you look anything like a peice of crap, and no, i am not a pedifile, i just wanted to know if your Ok. Are you? I can probally get you some food." Man he sure is handsome.
"Ok, but i want you to know i can't pay."
"Money is but an object." He sure hadn't seen me eat, then.

He lead me to a local resturant,which was pretty darn nice, if i might say so myself. We went to go get a booth, and once we sat down a waitress started to take our order. Sitting there, waiting for my tons of food i had ordered, i noticed something. His sleeves on his blue hoddie, where pulled up a little bit, revlieing black tatoos. But they looked very worn and old.
"So...whats with the tatoos? Hmm? I'm sorry i'm not a very good conversation starter."
"oh....oh no its fine. There umm....nothing. Well there sure aren't nothing, but nothing you need to worry aout, i asure you." He seemed very sad, all of a sudden. I didn't like seeing him sad, so i decied to change the subject.
"whats your name?" I said
" about yours?" Dominic said.
"Niall, yes iknow its a weird name, but hey, i had messed up parents." I said, trying not to sound sad.
"Yes, i know" He said, looking down.
My eyes went wide...What did he mean he knew?
"Can i ask what you know? Kinda creepy, Dom., Kinda creepy."
"You've already given me a nickname. Haha, how nice, i do like that nickname." He said, distracted.
"Can you please answer my question?" I said impastionatally.
"I'm going to say this, very fast, I am and always will be your guardian angel. And before you get freaked out, let me tell you that you have a choice. The choice is to fall in love with me, or to hate me, reject me. I know this is alot to take in but you have to decide now." He said with passion on his voice.
" Look i 've been lied to, you saying that i could just fall in love with you, it seems impossible to be.
Brushing the hair out of her eyes and tilting her chin upward to mine, and then get very close. I flinched.
"i know you've been beaten. I would never do that to you. I will love you for ever. Come with me, travel the world. I know you've been alone all you life, but now you woun't be." he really did seem sincere.
" won't hurt me? E-ever?"
"Never, now come, my darling, we have traveling to do." And with that he picked me up ever so gently and walk off.

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1 Aug, 2011
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3 mins
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