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To Speak of Galic's Grace: Part 2: Quest for Father's Answer
To Speak of Galic's Grace: Part 2: Quest for Father's Answer

To Speak of Galic's Grace: Part 2: Quest for Father's Answer


January 29, 2029

2:33 pm

Nebula Laboratories, Los Angeles, California

Atticus walked through the desolate halls of Nebula Laboratories at a quick pace. Where is it? He thought. It's got to be around here somewhere… AH-HA. He suddenly stopped in front of a large pair of double glazed doors. Above them hung a sign whose printing and long since faded away. Atticus raised his right arm to a scanner on the wall. I hope these implants still have some use. It beeped “… Door unlocked…, Experiment 0EA-8271, entering genetics department. Daily security report updated,” droned the computerized voice of the scanner.

“Great. Just great. I guess I'll have company later,” Atticus muttered under his breath. He opened the door and continued walking. A few minutes later he found what he was looking for: his father, Dr. Arthur Galic’s, lab. “Where are they?” Atticus said aloud while sifting through boxes upon boxes of old files and documents. Oh… That's right, Father said that Radley had them.

Atticus jogged through a long corridor in the direction of Radley's office. The only sound being his fast-paced footsteps and the familiar whirr of a security camera following his every move. Dr. Markov… Dr. Black… Dr. Fairview… Where is it?! He thought to himself as he ran past the former offices of scientists who had once worked under Dr. Radley. Just then he heard running footsteps and heavy breathing. Atticus turned around to see four security guards blocking his way to the office.

“Hey you, Stop right there!” one guard yelled as another tried to tackle Atticus. He was too quick for him. But by that time another guard had already grabbed Atticus from behind and given him a shot containing a moose sedative.


Nebula Laboratories, Los Angeles, California

“Are you sure that this is the one?” said a gruff manly voice.

“Yessir. We are sure that he is the one,” said another, more feminine voice. “Earlier we got an alert from security saying that someone had gotten into the labs.”

“Not someone, Tracey, something. They found it in the genetics department?” asked the man.

“Yessir. Experiment 0EA-8271 was captured by Captain Deverell and her team,” said Tracey proudly.

“Good, please give my congratulations to Captain Deverell. This one has led us on quite the goose-chase for the past few months,” said the man. He turned to look into a rectangular window that had a view to a large, round, dimly lit room. In the room chained by his ankles to the ceiling was Experiment 0EA-8271. In the room hung Atticus Galic.

Author Notes: The quote is: “One’s out! We need to hurry and get ‘em before it gets away.”
If you are up to date on Atticus's journey, please tell me what you think.

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8 Oct, 2017
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2 mins
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