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To Speak of Galic's Grace: Part 3: Bring Me Proof
To Speak of Galic's Grace: Part 3: Bring Me Proof

To Speak of Galic's Grace: Part 3: Bring Me Proof


March 17, 2029

7:33 pm

Nebula Laboratories, Los Angeles, California

Experiment 0EA-8271 had been chained in its chamber for an amount of time it could not comprehend. In short, it couldn't remember how long, or how it got there for that matter. All it knew was the familiar roundness of the room. Beneath it, the dimmed glow of the fluorescent lights on the floor cast a peculiar reflection on a reflective wall in front of it. It knew it was home. He knew he was home. “Ungh… H-huh? How did I--“ Experiment 0EA-8271 looked up. He was hanging upside down by his ankles.

“Well that explains a lot,“ he murmured lowering his head back down, “Okay, my name is Atticus Galic. To them, I am called Experiment 0EA-8271. I was created at Nebula Laboratories. My Father was Arthur Galic. He worked at Nebula Laboratories. He created me…,“ Atticus' voice trailed off. No, that's not right, Father didn't make me, He thought. Radley. It was all Radley. The name pierced into his soul like a thousand arrows into a single target.

“Now then, how to get down,” Atticus thought aloud as he fiddled with the chains around his ankles, “If I remember correctly… AHH!” He landed on the floor with a heavy thud. “Ouch! Well, guess I should lower the chains first next time.” At that moment there was a muted hiss in the direction of the door.

“Hello, Atticus? Are you in here?” someone whispered, their voice penetrating the silence.

“Hmm… There is someone in my chamber” Atticus muttered quietly. “Who is there?”

“Atticus it's me, Dr. Walker,” the intruder paused, “Remember?”

“Walker? Dr. Vincent Walker?” Atticus asked doubtfully.

“Yes, Atticus that's right. Now come, we must hurry if you are going to get what you need,” said Dr. Walker.

“Hurry? Hurry to where? I don't remember needing anything…, ” said Atticus coolly.

“Oh, for God's sake Atticus. Don't you remember anything? You needed the files to…” prompted Dr. Walker.

“EUREKA,” yelled Atticus, “I need the files that prove that Radley ordered the terminations of my friends.”

“Lower your voice, or they'll hear you.” Dr. Walker told Atticus, “Come, we must go to Dr. Radley’s office.”

March 17, 2029

11:46 pm

Radley's Office, Nebula Laboratories, Los Angeles, California

“Here, take my access card, you'll need it to leave his office,“ Dr. Walker instructed.

“A-are you sure that I am going to need this?“ asked Atticus unsure.

“Yes, I am. When we get to his office, I will keep watch. You should find the files sitting on the corner of his desk. You'll need to be quick, and remember; the fastest way out is to go through the west door,” said Dr. Walker sincerely.

“Fastest way out is the west door,” Atticus repeated. After walking past the old genetics department, and the offices of scientists who were long gone by now. They found the door to Radley's office. Dr. Walker knocked, opened the door, and checked that no one was in the room. Atticus walked into the clutter of Radley's office. There were papers strewn all over the floor. Radley's desk was piled high with lab reports and old equipment, and what looked like fresh blood samples ready to be sent for analysis. He was looking around for a few moments when he saw them. The files he needed to bring Radley down were sitting where Dr. Walker said they would be.

Atticus quickly gathered them into his grasp. Then turning to the hallway, the loud slam of a door startled him, thus causing him to drop the files. When Atticus turned to pick up the files he saw a crippled man limping toward the office, as Dr. Walker blocked the door. “Let me into my office, Walker!“ screamed the man.

“Not this time, Radley!“ yelled Dr. Walker harshly as he shoved Radley to the ground. The next few seconds went on for what seemed like hours. Radley stood up and jabbed Dr. Walker in the sides. Dr. Walker bent down in shock. Radley then got a hold of a nearby swivel chair and rolled into Dr. Walker, knocking him into the doorway with a loud thump. Radley glanced around for something to finish the job. His eyes landing on his very own leg brace.

Seizing the chance Atticus swiftly gathered the files and scanned the card to open the other door. As this happened Radley raised the leg brace over his head and … CRACK. Atticus wheeled around to see the horrible sight. There on the ground lay Dr. Walker's smashed head in a pool of his own blood, as Radley laughed and kept violently smashing Dr. Walker's head in. Atticus caught Radley's eye. “He will be the last one you kill, Radley. I'll make sure of that,“ Atticus seethed through gritted teeth. Then turning to the door he left. Radley´s assistant, Tracey, walked up the hall carrying Petri dishes containing a modified form of polio on a tray (to be used in rather questionable manner).

“Tracey? I have finished with my--uh… 'meeting'. Would you mind calling the police?” asked Dr. Radley.

“Will do sir…AAAHHHHH,” Tracey screamed dropping the tray of polio samples to the floor. Shattering them to pieces.

“Good God, Tracey, that's the third time this week. I´m giving you a pink slip. I want you out by 9:00 am tomorrow,” said Dr. Radley exasperated.

“Yes-yessir,” Tracey mumbled taking out her cell phone and calling the police. Dr. Radley left his messy office with a huff.

Author Notes: Radley can only get crazier from here.

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