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To Speak of Galic's Grace: Part 4: Permission to Approach the Bench
To Speak of Galic's Grace: Part 4: Permission to Approach the Bench

To Speak of Galic's Grace: Part 4: Permission to Approach the Bench


June 8, 2029

10:14 am

3rd Floor Lobby, District Courthouse, Los Angeles, California

Atticus Galic sat on a very uncomfortable couch, waiting to give testimony for the trial of Eustace Radley. For the past three months, with the help of the prosecutor, he had been preparing his case for today. Today will be the day that Radley comes down, as that bastard has done many terrible things, thought Atticus, He has taken my friends. I watched as he murdered my hero. He has forced me to become something that I am not. All at the cost of my father's life. Atticus stood up and walked over to look at a model of the courthouse. Worst of all, he has written his actions for all the world to see.

Just then 2 bailiffs exited the courtroom with Radley in tow. “Wait here," Radley told the bailiffs as they went back into the courtroom. They looked at the cripple as if he had gone mad…(this wouldn't be the first time).

“I would appreciate it if you would stop looking at me like that, Radley," Atticus said turning around.

Radley chuckled as he wagged his finger, “Tsk, tsk…You are just like your father, you know.“

"You? When did you figure out that I am a person, Radley?¨ Atticus laughed, ¨I thought I was It."

Radley walked with a heavy limp towards where Atticus was standing (his leg brace was submitted to the court ad evidence), and shoved his head into the case model courthouse, breaking the glass. Once he had recovered, Atticus stood up. There was blood dripping down the side of his face from where the glass shards had scratched him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said Atticus in a singsong tone while wagging a finger at Radley, "If I remember correctly… you caused the accident in lab 1-11."

"Your point is?” Questioned Radley.

“You gashed your head on those samples,” Atticus reminded Radley.

"What are you…? …Oh, nevermind that. My point is that your father was a patsy--" Radley started to say, but he didn't finish. Atticus landed a punch on the side of Radley's head (the side where the scars were).

“That's for disrespecting Father,” Atticus yelled. Then he shoved Radley to the ground. ¨That's for killing Vincent.¨ Atticus then started kicking Radley in the gut. “That's for killing them.” Atticus jabbed a finger in one of Radley’s eyes. “It’s an eye for an eye, you devil!” Atticus shrieked. Radley reached up and pulled on Atticus' arm.

“That's for running away,” Radley whispered as he stood up. He then snagged Atticus by the collar of his shirt. “And this…,” whispered Radley as he pushed Atticus over to the model, “is because you are a fatal error.” Radley smashed Atticus' head into the model itself, demolishing it. ¨I thought I eradicated all of you.¨ At that same moment, the 2 bailiffs came running out of the courtroom.

“What's all this commotion?¨ asked one of them running, to snatch Radley.

¨What's happened in here?” asked the other while he glanced at the crushed model.

“How… d-dare… yo-you…” were the last things Atticus said.

June 8, 2029

10:27 am

3rd Floor Lobby, District Courthouse, Los Angeles, California

As Atticus came to, he found that he was laying down. “'Ya think he's comin' around?” asked a bailiff.

“I don't know, Ed,” said the other bailiff

“Ungh…wh-what? Where the Hell am I?” Atticus mumbled as he made a futile attempt to stand up.

“You're at the Los Angeles District Courthouse. Oh, and uh…don't swear,” said the bailiff.

“Oh, leave 'im alone, Vero, he's been through enough already,” said Ed.

“Would you mind telling us what all the racket was about?” asked Vero.

“That guy you were leading out pushed me into that model over there,” responded Atticus pointing to the wrecked model of the courthouse. “And I fought back.”

“Y'know you're not supposed to attack someone like that, right?” said Vero eyeing Atticus suspiciously. Atticus looked back at him scowling.

“If you knew anything about what that… that jackass has done, you would do the same,” Atticus frowned, “Say...what's the time? I think it's my turn to give testimony now.”

“Almost 10:30. They called for you about 5 minutes ago. Here, we'll escort you in,” said Ed cheerfully gesturing toward the door to courtroom No. 6.

“Hey! We didn't catch your name,” Vero chimed.

“Atticus Galic. And before you ask, yes, I am the son of Arthur Galic,” responded Atticus as he took the stand, and faced the judge.

June 8, 2029

10:27 am

Courtroom No. 6, District Courthouse, Los Angeles, California

“Based on the evidence presented,” the judge announced, “I am ready to give a verdict. With that said… Mr. Eustace Radley, please come to the stand.” Ed and Vero led a handcuffed Radley to the witness stand. “Do you have anything to say before I announce your verdict?” asked the judge.

“One thing Your Honor… It has been a pleasure to be in your presence, and the verdict-- whatever it may be-- will be well deserved,” said Radley humbly.

“So be it,” said the judge picking up his gavel he announced the verdict:


“N-NO. This can't be t-true. NOOOO,” Radley screamed as Ed took him by his arm.

“Come on, Radley. Out with you,” said Vero, “You said it yourself, 'the verdict-- whatever it may be-- will be well deserved'.”

“And it is deserved. Very much deserved,” Atticus added in, “So well deserved in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they killed you as soon as you got to prison. You, son of a bitch.” Radley tried to lunge at Atticus but to no avail. Vero and Ed were already holding him back and dragging him out the door. The judge slammed his gavel one last time.

“Court is adjourned,” he announced as the people in the gallery filed out the door, Atticus among them. “Where is the young man who took the stand earlier?” the judge asked a bailiff.

“Here, Your Honor,” Atticus answered walking toward the judge.

“Would you please come speak with me in my office?” asked the judge.

“Yes, Your Honor,” said Atticus as he followed the judge.

June 8, 2029

12:46 pm

Judge Thomas's Office, District Courthouse, Los Angeles, California

Atticus and Judge Thomas walked out of the courtroom without a word. “Would you like to sit down?” asked Judge Thomas as he sat behind his desk.

“No thank you, Your Honor, I'd rather stand,” Atticus responded.

“Well then, young man, do you have a name I can call 'ya by?” Judge Thomas laughed.

“Of course, Your Honor,” Atticus said plainly, “My name is Atticus Galic.”

“Bah! No need for such formalities,” Judge Thomas told Atticus, “Anywho, you're Arthur's son aren't you?”

“Yes, Your Hon--” Atticus started, “Yes, I am.” Judge Thomas stared at him.

“W-well, I-I brought y-you here because… um… I wanted to a-apologise,” said Judge Thomas sincerely.

“A-Apologise? Whatever for?” asked Atticus curiously.

“Um… About your father, Atticus,… I was the…” Judge Thomas hesitated, “er... judge who signed the order of execution, a-and, I wanted t-to apologize for th-that. Also--”

“Say no more. Please. I don't wish to relive that painful memory anymore,” Atticus paused, “As for your apology… I accept.”

“Y-you do? You really do?” asked Judge Thomas surprised. Atticus walked towards the door.

“I mean every word,” said Atticus sincerely, “Now, if you'll excuse me. I have some business that I must see to.” So, he closed the door behind him.

June 8, 2029

5: 09 pm

Plot 25823, San Quentin State Prison Cemetery, Los Angeles, California

Atticus walked among the many headstones…looking. Harper Markov… Daniel Black… Samantha Fairview… where is he? Thought Atticus as he read the headstones. Here he is. Atticus knelt down. The headstone read:

Dr. Arthur Galic

Oct. 30 1986-Dec. 27, 2028

“Genetics is about how information is stored and transmitted between generations.”

“Father? You can be at peace now. It's over. It's all over,” Atticus whispered, “I will take things from here.

Author Notes: Is this all there is to Atticus's journey or is there more?

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