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To You, My ‘Crush’
To You, My ‘Crush’

To You, My ‘Crush’


I want to ask you out, for coffee, in person

But I’m told we are not living in western culture

Don’t get me wrong!

You are my resident

And I’ve immense respect

But I can’t help myself from wondering - why didn’t I ask

So I’ve to tell you this - I’ve been looking for you since days

But my search goes in vain

I miss watching you in cream and checks

Standing in corners giving orders

Although Each time I see you - I chicken out !

I need an ice breaker to help me to ask you out

They say what if he says no or just ignores

It might break my bubble but I would know - I gave my full shot

I’ve always been that girl who goes after what she wants

So here! Let me ask!

Dear You —

I hope this pops up near your eye and you succumb to it’s vibe,

After much heavy research, I’ve gathered - you aren’t dating

So if you aren’t, would you like to go out with me, sometime?

Author Notes: To my readers -

Never shy away for the fear, fear of ‘No’.

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5 Sep, 2019
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